Saturday at the House

Saturday we went to the house and worked for a few hours.  It was just what Hubby and I needed.  Both of us have been feeling like we don’t get much accomplished when we go and needed a good day to recharge us.  Thankfully Kelli and Karl were on hand to lend a little help.

While Kelli, Karl and I finished taking up the upstairs bathroom flooring and ALL of the screws, Hubby was downstairs removing the plywood that previous owners had put over the dining room and office ceilings.

It was really thin plywood but nailed very closely together.  We got done upstairs and then came down to help him.  We knew the plywood was covering something but weren’t sure exactly what.

It always interesting to see what is revealed.  We already knew we would be, but this confirmed that the ceiling has to be sheet rocked.  I would much rather that we know for sure and do it rather than it be iffy and we wonder.

After we got done in the bathroom we came down and helped with the ceiling…it really isn’t hard.  He’s just acting like it is.


At one point Hubby called for help and Kelli went over to help.  He said no…I need someone tall.  (we always pick on Kelli for being short) So Karl went to help.

I was busy cleaning up after everyone and poor Kelli didn’t have anything to do so I told her to snap a couple pictures.


I know this sounds silly but having the broom in my hand and sweeping the floor finally made this whole house thing seem a little more real to me.  This really is going to become my home and I couldn’t be happier.

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