Saturday at the House

So Saturday was a big day that I was looking forward to at the house.  Finally all that flooring was going to be put in place….or at least that was our hope.

We didn’t get going good until the afternoon.

The guys had borrowed a floor nailing gun from our guy who is going to be doing the mudding.  It was really slow for them starting out.  They had to remove two of the older floor boards from the dining room as the first two boards were damaged.  Then they had to work to shim the boards to height.  After about an hour messing with that they got going good.

We braked for lunch and they had big plans to tackle the floor in the  kitchen.  Craig was helping Buck with the flooring and everything was going good.  While they were doing that Hubby was sanding the drywall that we had patched in upstairs….Kalissa was doing some prep work upstairs covering wood work so the dry wall guy would have an easier job.  I was cooking and running errands for everyone.

Then Kalissa and Craig left to go to Craig’s work Christmas party…I became Buck’s flooring helper.  I learned what I needed to do and we were going along great when…CRAP.  The nailing gun quit working.  It went from wonderful to bad in a matter of five clicks of the nails.  Buck stopped and tried to see what was wrong.  Hubby came downstairs to try to figure out what was wrong.  After about an hour or trying to figure out what was wrong, they came to the conclusion that they think a small piece on it broke.


Well we live in rural Iowa.  We are an hour from a Home Depot and every mom and pop joint that rent out floor nailing guns are closed after 5pm on a Saturday night.  UGH.

The worst part…none open until 10am on Sunday….so we did what Kramer’s are good at….we ate and had a beer. (Okay, I have Mike’s and the guys had several beers)

We are happy with how far we did get….it’s working better than we’d hoped minus the trouble with the nail gun.  SO today’s plan….up early and work on other things at the house until 9:30 when I am suppose to be at the rental place when they open.

Then the focus will be back on flooring.  Even though the whole dysfunctional nail gun was a bummer, I do love the flooring and even though it’s all mismatched I love it.  We, of course, will be sanding it all  but even as is, I love seeing it on the floor.

Keep your fingers crossed…I am really hoping we can get the kitchen flooring done….I’ll let you know tomorrow how it went.

7 thoughts on “Saturday at the House”

  1. Everything is looking great! There are always highs and lows when you build a house. You have a wonderful family, Jo. I love how you all adjust to whatever has to be done.

    Take care.

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