Saturday at the Amish

Kalissa and I took the boys and headed south on Saturday.  Near Oelwein and Hazelton there is an Amish settlement that we enjoy shopping at.  The main call is often going to the bakeries and the bent and dent grocery stores.

They have discounted groceries at the grocery store.  There is no guessing what they have there on what days.  They often have overstock groceries or a couple cans in a case have dents so the company gets rid of the whole case.  We try to go every other month or so as the groceries are super cheap…for example I bought a case of Ritz crackers for $12.  There were 12 boxes in the case.  I go through TONS of crackers with babies and kids so they were perfect for me to buy.

Look what I found at the grocery store….Aren’t they beautiful???  I love them.

I ended up picking up a few thinking I’ll gift them to friends.

These are two are just under 20″.
The block below is 12″.
This one is really big at 28″.  I thought they were reasonably priced.  The one below I’m keeping for me.  It was $50 but the others were less.

This one is going in my kitchen I think.  I hung it there for now anyway.  These would sell for WAY more if they were in an craft/gift store.

After groceries we ended up stopping at a furniture shop.  They have other things besides furniture.  I bought the boys a fold up wooden fence to play with their farm animals.  I also bought this for Karl.

It’s a Garlic Peeler.  Oh my word.  We tried it at home and it is a game changer.  It peels fresh garlic with no effort at all.  HERE is an Amazon link if you want to check it out.  Karl, the king of garlic, LOVES it.

The store we went to is Helmuth’s.  Their furniture was incredible.  In the main store there is wonderful dining sets, bedroom sets, rockers…oh my.  In the back room there is fun stuff like this rocking horse Carver tried out.

…and this rocking race car Gannon tried.

Carver loved this…it’s a dinosaur.  You put a coin in its mouth.  The coin goes down the curving path….

and……then it lands in the “stomach” at the bottom in the jar.  It’s really cute.

The boys were so good.  I kept Carver most of the time and Kalissa kept Gannon.

From there we went to Sumner and stopped at a couple of the stores that Kelli and I had gone to a month or so ago.

I took a picture of these frames.  I love them.  I’m hoping to remember them once I do some cross stitching if I need a frame.

I really like the store and the owner is so sweet.  They had a painting class happening.

Do you see the spool end table?  The legs are made of thread spools.  So cute.
They were all decked out for Easter.  Isn’t this little chick hilarious?

From there we headed closer to home but made a pit stop at the yogurt store I previously told you about.  Carver loves going.  Unfortunately he fell asleep about four miles before the store.  We ended up going anyway.

We tried to wake him up.  He 1/2 woke up.  We asked him if he still wanted an ice cream.  He said yes so went inside and got him one.  We figured we’d get it in a bowl and we could take it home and freeze it.  But we got back in the car, Kalissa put it in his hand and he woke up.  He ate it all up.  A few miles further down the road he said to us, “Do you know what’s so funny?  I was sleeping.  I woke up and there was ice cream in mes hand!”

So cute!!

Speaking of cute.  We got home and no one had lunch.  Craig was in my garage working on varnishing a couple things.  I quick threw some lunch together including some Bugles that I bought at the Bent and Dent.  I showed Carver how to make finger hats with them and told him that Bugles where Papa Moos favorite.  
After that the Friedman’s went home…They were having a family day.

Kelli messaged me and asked how the day went and if I got any good deals?  I sent her this picture.
She sent me a smiley face back.  Georgia and Gannon both are crazy about green beans from the can.  This Grandma is stocked and ready for them.  I think I bought 10 cans!!

It was nice to get out and hang out with Kalissa and the boys.  It was a nice mix of getting groceries and shopping.  We were home early enough that there was plenty of time to get some other things done.  I’ll tell you more about that in tonight’s post.

6 thoughts on “Saturday at the Amish”

  1. What a fun trip! I love your wooden quilts! Those were reasonable considering all the time that went into making them! The bank and rocking horses are adorable. I think you got out of there cheap!

  2. My daughter and I used to shop together when the kids were small and before she went to work full time teaching. Now we do a shopping trip.. granddaughter, daughter, and mom (me). Fun!!

  3. What a wonderful day. Those dinosaur banks are so cool! We have an Amish community about an hour from here. Your post has urged me to call my girlfriend and schedule a day of shopping with the Amish. One week from today is our day, I hope I have the good luck you had. A case if Ritz crackers for $12, woohoo!!!!!

  4. Judith Fairchild

    Oh the wonderful things you find when you go shopping. Those wooden horses bring back great memories. Thanks Jo.

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