Saturday Adventures

On Saturday was the annual garage sales in Decorah along with the antique/flea market at the fair grounds.  Hubby and I have gone several years and a few of the years I’ve gone with Kelli if he’s in the field.  Typically it’s a nice show and well worth my time.  I know last year was my favorite year ever.  With the way things have been around here, busy with the house and working on rewrites for our quilt book coming out in February, it just didn’t seem like it was going to work out.

Kelli came home and immediately we started in on the rewrites.  It was much easier this time around and for the most part, corrections were limited.  Then Hubby called and said he couldn’t farm as we got too much rain the night before for them to be in the fields so how about we go to Decorah and hit the sale….

Kelli and I hurried through a couple more rewrites, Hubby came in and off we went…anticipation was high as last year, we had lots of fun and found lots of goodies.


This year, it wasn’t as fun.  We didn’t find many things we were even interested in.  I did like the quilt though.


Hubby and I love furniture but this year it was more flea market like….


Occupationally there was something that caught my eye but little that made me want to see what the balance in our account was.

For the most part there was really only one vendor with furniture that was interesting to me…

I don’t know if it was because we came later in the day and that everything was picked over or because Hubby and I are a little more picky now days.

The day wasn’t a complete wash…we did get home and we did get the rest of the rewrites together.  Ya HOO!!!  Now we can soon be back to the fun part…SEWING!!

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