Saturday Adventures

The predicted weather scrapped our original plans for the weekend. Everyone was planning on coming home as I was officially out of any type of quarantine because of my radioactive iodine treatment. I had seen the kids earlier but wasn’t allowed to hold them and read a book. Now I’m all good…but the weather ruined the original plans so I thought I’d have another family free weekend but that wasn’t so.

Earlier in the week poor little Gannon got his hand slammed in the van door. I was home and said I would take care of the other boys if Kalissa wanted to take him to the ER. We figured it was broken. Gannon was very upset that he couldn’t stay at my house and had to go the doctor so promising him a weekend visit to my house was the only way to calm him down….

…so Saturday was the visit day. More than any other of my grands, Gannon loves playing at my house. (and about his hand, luckily only bruised not broken.

On Saturday they declared it pajama day and wore their jammies to my house.

Earlier in the week they were sad as they didn’t get a chance to play much with my latest puppies…then much to my disappointment and their happiness, Vinnie was returned to the rescue. His adopter wasn’t ready for puppy antics. The lack of sleep and accidents in the house was too much…all of this was just puppy behavior but, for him, it was too much.

Carver loves playing with puppies and Vinnie got a lot of attention. Here they are cuddling on the couch.

Carver was also busy…his toy of choice was my knights. Karl had knights like these as a kid and loved them. I ended up going on eBay and bought some. They are nice toys and the kids love them. If you’re ever looking for something like this, I recommend this brand, Papo. You can see them HERE on Amazon. There are horses and knights and any knight can ride a horse. They have weapons that can be exchanged between characters.

We bought them for Karl as a kid and he got one as a treat, in a Christmas stocking etc. That grew his collection. Then when I was doing childcare I found a used set. That’s what the kids play with not. You can find them HERE on Amazon.

Gannon was in deep play mode and wouldn’t stop for a smile at the camera. When I was in town on Thursday I stopped at the Goodwill and found the Lego board and pieces for $1.99. Gannon was in heaven. He adores Legos. His had was feeling good enough to play with tiny pieces.

Anders was all smiles…as usual. He was playing with the bottles and baby dolls. He is getting to that super sweet age. He can understand but doesn’t talk a lot.

While the boys were playing, Kalissa was loading my videos. She got one loaded. You can find it HERE.

Later in the day Craig, Kalissa’s husband, got off work and we ordered lunch from the bar. While we were waiting for it to be done, Carver and I played a game of Patchwork. He loves the game and does great at it. He’s won the last two times we’ve played.

I better step up my game.

We ate lunch…and as they were leaving I got a phone call. I was going to have more company. I’ll tell you about that in tomorrow’s blog post.

7 thoughts on “Saturday Adventures”

  1. So glad that Gannon didn’t have a worse injury to his hand. How fun to see the kids back at your house and having fun with the toys. Carver looks like he is really good with the puppies and Anders looks so happy and must be fun to have in the house. Great family time!

  2. I know you’re thrilled to be able to have the family visiting again. I’m glad Gannon’s hand didn’t stop him from playing with the Leggos. That was a steal at $1.99. You really scored on that one, Jo! Anders seems to always have a smile on his little chubby face. I can tell where Carver is a dog is and where a dog is Carver is. Buddies!

  3. There’s always something with the grandkids, isn’t there? So glad he’s ok.
    Looks like Saturday was pretty successful all around.
    Love and prayers

  4. Gannon’s poor finger. Ouch! So glad nothing was broken. The knights looks interesting. What version of Patchwork do you have?

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