Saturday 5K and Info Please?

On Saturday Kelli and I walked a 5K.  The people who we got Ruby from have a little boy who has Dravet Syndome.  It’s a very severe seizure disorder.  Here’s a more official definition, “Dravet syndrome, also known as Severe Myoclonic Epilepsy of Infancy (SMEI), is a rare and catastrophic form of intractable epilepsy that begins in infancy. Initial seizures are most often prolonged events and in the second year of life other seizure types begin to emerge.”

For the last five years they have held a 5K to help their boy and the family.  This is the first time I knew about it so it’s the first year that I did it.  I found out about it because one of Kelli’s teachers in the nursing program is a the grandma to this little boy.


I was a little nervous about how my ankle would do but I strapped on the brace and walked.  I knew there wouldn’t be any running happening by me but walking was okay with Kelli so walk we did.  We weren’t speed demons..we weren’t the last and that was okay with us.  My ankle did okay throughout the event but a couple hours later it was a little sore.

We ended up going a buying me a new pair of shoes.  I’ve been wearing them since and my ankles the best it’s been since the fall I look in early July.  It’s odd.  I had just bought my previous pair a bit after the fall so they were new shoes..but I don’t think they were good shoes for my foot.  These are so much whoot-whoot to a wonderfully improved ankle.  I am brace free and it’s so nice.  I get sore occasionally if I’m down on the floor with the little ones and maneuver it to get back to standing but all in all, good.

Back to the 5K.  After the race they severed food and had door prizes to give away.  I won with little bird house.  I love it and would like to put it out but I know little to nothing about birds.  I do know that bird houses need to be placed correctly or birds won’t come to them…so dear blog readers….

What type of bird is this house for and where should it be placed for best use by birds?


The construction on it truly is great and I really appreciate the work the people who donated it did.


So if you can help with any info on my bird house, just leave it in the comment section.

I had a good experience at the 5K and have intentions of doing more…not for speed but it’s something Kelli and I can do together and it’s a simple way to help a worthy cause.

7 thoughts on “Saturday 5K and Info Please?”

  1. A wren would be very comfortable in this house. Hang it up in early spring on a tree. One will find it.

    Ear scratches to Ruby and the other puppies. (Blue Earth)

  2. I have one that looked very similar to that one. My son and FIL made it. Ours hangs on our back porch and we always have sparrows in it! Every year we end up with babies!! It us a high traffic area but the babies are very brave and poo their heads out to chirp for food!!

  3. Love how easy this will be to clean next fall. I was going to say the size of the hole will be a big part of what will move in. Certain birds like 2 1/4″ hole, etc. If you are not trying for some special type of bird, I agree to just hang it and see what comes.

  4. yep, it’s a wren house.
    they are inquisitive birds and very entertaining.
    they love to catch flying insects, so hanging it on a porch, near flowers, or in a sheltered, open area like a pole barn would be a good choice as well.

  5. I hung one that looked that small on our back deck. I just thought of it as a decoration. 3 years in a row we had black capped chickadees make their nest in it. They were beautiful birds and it was fun for me and my boys to watch the babies! The back deck was our main entrance to the house, it was busy but the birds didn’t seem to mind. Good luck with yours!

  6. Do not hang this house in a high trafic area. Wrens are territorial and very protective of their young, when the babies are born they will scold you if you happen to get close tomtheir next. Hang it not too close to your house. Ihad nesting wrens for quite a few years in the same little house until the wind blew it down and it broke in the fall.

    The gentleman wren will bring his intended and show her several sites and she would choose. I just love that.

    Pet the puppies.

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