Sandwiches on the Griddle

We’ve been so busy around here lately.  Hubby has been working LONG hours leaving at 4:30am and coming home at about 9pm.  I’ve been crazy busy myself.  Unfortunately it’s been a little too easy to order food.

Often at this time of year I make hotdishes or lasagna and we eat that and have it for leftovers but lately I feel like I don’t even have time for that….so between me and Karl and Kalissa we’ve come up with some sandwiches that are saving the day around here.  All of us really like them and they are QUICK.

I have a Heritage Grill.  This is what one looks like…and I LOVE it.  All of this could be done in a frying pan as well.

Heritage Lefse Grill with Satin Finish

To start off you need some Ciabatta Rolls.  Our Wal-mart carries them.  I’ve been using Gouda Cheese and Beef Pastrami.

I spray the pan with cooking spray, heat up the griddle and lay two slices of meat and one egg out for each sandwich.  Here I am making two sandwiches.

I flip the meat and put a slice of Gouda on a slice and then cover it with another slice of meat.  That melts the cheese just a bit.  In the middle of that I break the yolks on the eggs, then flip them.  Once they are done I stack an egg on the meat.  Here I have one done.

Then I flip cut open the buns and lay them out on the griddle.

Our family (minus Hubby) like mayo so we put the sandwich pieces together and add a little mayo (or salad dressing in this case) on the sandwich.

…and there you have it….my sandwich is finished….Notice I started eating mine, forgot to snap a picture, didn’t think you wanted to see my sandwich with a bite taken out of it so I turned it around hoping it looked a little more appetizing.
(I failed miserably)  Oh well.

Let me just say that these are TOTALLY YUMMY.  I’ve been throwing a few tator tots in the air fryer and serving this with cottage cheese too.  It’s not glamorous but definitely tasty, quick and easy…and it’s kept us from ordering out quite a few times….besides, if we ordered food from bar in town here, we’d have ordered something equally as “healthy” so I don’t feel too bad.

Got any other suggestions for quick and easy.  I could use them….oh, add something that’s super easy on the kitchen clean up too.

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  1. When I feel the need to eat healthy, I do a chicken stir fry. Julienne carrots and bell peppers and stir fry them in a little olive oil. Take them out and put on a plate. (Don’t cover the veggies or the steam will turn them to mush!) Dice some chicken breast and stir fry in a bit of oil until cooked through. Serve over hot rice. Some people use a stir fry sauce, but I don’t. Hubby uses soy sauce. It only takes about 20-30 minutes, just a little longer than it takes to cook the rice.

  2. We like grilled asaigo cheese bread with ham, mozzarella cheese and spaghetti sauce. If we have pepperoni or fresh peppers we add that also. My husband likes his with onions.

  3. Grill some Capicolla ham, top with provolone cheese (to melt it), add lettuce, onion, and tomato. I use italian rolls, or grilled Italian bread – depends on you mood.

  4. We make a quick salad by layering chopped lettuce, fritos, cottage cheese and warmed salsa over the top. Quick and quite tasty.

  5. I also use the Ciabatta rolls from Walmart and sometimes we get the mini ones for breakfast sandwiches. I like the idea of adding an egg to the mix, will give that a try. It made me smile to see the “Fareway” Salad Dressing, love to buy my ham ball mix at Fareway when I visit Iowa, there meats are wonderful.

  6. Here’s something that I make when I want a quick meal…saute some diced onion (1 small) in butter…add a pint of tomatoes (I use my home canned tomatoes but a 15 oz can of whole/shopped or diced would do as well)…simmer the “sauce” while you scramble eggs in another pan… salt and pepper to taste…serve the tomatoes over the eggs..

    Another quickie…heat one can of chicken broth over med heat..add a couple of handfulls of frozen spinach (or one frozen package)…when the spinach is heated thru drizzle in one scrambled egg (so its like egg drop soup)…serve with parmesan cheese on
    top..salt and pepper to taste..

    Of course you would adjust accordingly depending on how many people you were serving…

  7. Hot dog buns, roast beef slices, spaghetti sauce and cover with shredded cheese-Italian blend is a favorite here and throw on the grill until the cheese melts. . .

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