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Remember that I wanted a sand box?  Remember Hubby tried to get a big tire for me but then almost got the skid loader stuck?  Well the days here turned hot last week and it had been dry long enough that Hubby had a window of opportunity to get a tire.  Here’s the story on that is you missed it.

Well the tire got to my house….then the debate started on where to put the tire.  He wanted it closer to the house.  I wanted it closer to the swing set.  I won.

Our neighbors have a skid loader so we paid them to get and move the sand for us.  There are three boys who live there….all of them do lots of motor and mechanic things.  They seemed pretty happy to have a job, albeit a short one.

There’s Hubby directing…

..and here’s my sand box.Nothing glamorous at all…just a good old pile of sand in a tire.

I hope the kids have lots of fun with it!  The amount of sand is full now but it isn’t all pushed out into the underside of the tire.  We’ll let the kids do that!

Several blog readers told me that I wouldn’t want a sand box because of cats and such.  Right now very few cats cross our property.  There is an open lot next to us and one behind us.  The cats prefer those lots as there are no dogs.  All I know is that we are giving it a try.

Growing up our kids had a 12′ x 16′ sandbox and they loved it.  They played in it all the time.  We lived on the farm and had very few cat problems.  If it does become a problem, we’ll make other arrangement.

I’m off…I have to dig and find the shovels and pails.  I can’t wait to see their faces once they discover the sand box it here!

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  1. Denise Briese

    I had a sandbox when I was doing daycare in my home and at the end of the day I had a small colored tarp and for stones we pained, 4 different colors and one on each corner at days end kept out cats and rain it was like a game to them.

  2. I work at the local elementary school. We used to have a tractor tire sand box. The kids loved it. It was not covered and in the 18 years (at least) it was in use we never had a problem with cats. The tire has been replaced with 3 sand tables with covers. The kids just don’t use them as much. And, it seems fewer kids can play at the sand tables than could around the tire.

  3. Another idea to cover it is one of those one piece plastic swimming pools. If you find you have issues with cats or rain

  4. My kids are adults now, but when they were little a trip to the sand box was like therapy to them. After a short while of playing in the sand box , it made them happy and calm again.

  5. That sounds like a lot of fun for the kids. We had a sandbox when we were kids halfway between the house and the barn. The barn cats never bothered it, as I remember. I would cover it if the cats do bother it. The tarp and pretty rocks sounds like a plan.

  6. We had a tire sand box when our kids were little. The only problem we ever had was with wasps or hornets getting into the tire. Don’t mean to be negative, but just beware of that possibility.

  7. Perhaps your Hubby could fashion something out of lightweight plywood as a cover and you could paint a colorful design on the plywood. He could put handles on it to make it easier to lift off of the tire.

  8. Looks like a great sandbox that can be used to play so many fun ways! I would love to be there when the kids discover the sandbox but I live in CA so I hope you will post their reactions & some pictures!

  9. We had a sandbox growing up and loved it. Be aware of how hot the sand is before the kids jump in. We had a young one get a little burn on a very hot day. We sprayed the sand with water and then they could play. It forms better when it’s wet anyway.

    Can’t wait to see the kids pictures when they’re playing in it.

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