Sampler September

Cross stitchers all around are getting ready for Sampler September.  It’s a month many set aside to work primarily on samplers.  I’m a sampler girl on a regular basis so dedicating time to stitch on samplers isn’t really necessary for me…but that doesn’t stop me from participating.  For me, I’m starting a new sampler.

The sampler is Christmas Garden by Blackbird Designs.  I have long admired this.  Then Olivia at Pumpkin Hollow Quilts on Flosstube stitched it this year and that sealed the deal for me.  I knew I wanted to stitch it.  I didn’t have a specific time or date to start it but knew I would be stitching it.

I bought the book that the chart is in.  It’s this one…Home for the Holidays.

There are other great charts in the book as well.

Fast forward to the retreat at the end of July.  Some of us were talking about projects that we’d like to start stitching.  Someone mentioned Christmas Garden and I said, “YES!!  Count me in!”.  I immediately went down to the shop and bought the floss I needed.

It’s hard to believe but… the chart is stitched with only 4 different colors.

One of the colors is Calico Kitty.  It variegates from red to brown.

I am drawn to the chart because of the red colors so I decided to pull four other reds, Classic Colorworks Used Bring and Barn Door, and Weeks Dye Works Baked Apple and Brick.  I will use this occasionally when it calls for Calico Kitty and instead I want more of a red flower.  It’s easier than trying to use only the red portion of a variegated color.

Next up it was time to consider linen.  Kayla liked this linen.  It’s Fog by Picture this Plus.  I liked this too.  The colors would all pop nicely.

This was Eureka by Fox and Rabbit.  I love the linen but not for this.  I was afraid the Fool’s Gold wouldn’t show up the best on this…and it’s kind of yellow.

I passed on these two…Picture this Plus Sand and Fawn.

This was Heartland from Picture this Plus.  I liked this…

I ended up pulling out the color Fool’s Gold and then ended up not knowing how the floss would show up.

After trial and error, these were the options.

That got eliminated.

These are the two still in contention…Fog by Picture this Plus and Flannel Flower by Fox and Rabbit.

I am going to check the hashtag #ChristmasGarden tonight and see what others used.  That’s a great way to quickly see what others used.  I don’t think either linen is bad so no matter what I pick will be just fine.

Any opinions from all of you??  Anyone what to stitch along??

I am stitching this one slowly with the hope of having it done by the next time we retreaters get together in July of 2023.  I love a slow stitch!!

One more thing I forgot to add.  I’m debating on the words Christmas Garden.  I’ve been thinking about stitching “Johnson Family” and stitching it for my side of the family.

22 thoughts on “Sampler September”

  1. If I were stitching this on your linen, I would do it on the Fog. I don’t care for some of the more dense areas of mottling in the Flannel Flower. But it’s your stitch. Beautiful chart.

  2. Jo, I am definitely making this one!! Probably won’t start it in September, so I will be behind from the get-go, but that is okay. It will be a long term stitch…. I don’t have the book yet, or the fabric, but will get those soon. I have loved this sampler since the first time I saw it. It really speaks to me. I had been thinking that I would change the words Christmas Garden as well. I am really looking forward to doing this one!

  3. I like the idea of dedicating this sampler to the Johnson Family. Think sweet thoughts as you stitch and maybe write them down on the note card that goes on the back!

  4. I like Fog because I think the floss will look better on it. The other one looks like it has a yellow tone to it and your floss might blend a little too much. Of course this is based on how it looks on my phone. It could be entirely different in real life.

  5. I also like Fog, but it will be a gorgeous sampler whatever you choose! And Wonderful Jo, I Must send you a huge “Thank You” for recommending the Sullivan ball-tip cross stitch needles. Wow! They are a marvel. I just began stitching the red bird in blue, and the silk thread plus a Sullivan needle is surely Stitching Bliss. It doesn’t take away my mistakes, but that’s Practice and probably new glasses as well. Thanks also, for enriching our lives, every day!

  6. I think you should name it after yourself. Use the name that your grandchildren call you. I can’t recall it specifically. Your colors will be great.

  7. What happened to the Fawn? I kinda liked it and I love this chart, may just join in and it will be a slow stitch!!

  8. I like the Fog better!! It’s a beautiful chart. I just bought a new sampler chart called Regina Haible, by With Thy Needle & Thread. I’m saving this post so I can go back and pull the colors you added in for the reds. I like that idea. Hugs,

  9. Oh wow, another beautiful chart, Jo! I would also choose Fog, but of course it depends how they both look ‘in real life’ :-)

  10. This is another gorgeous pattern. Will love to watch your progress.
    I do love samplers but have no room for large samplers like this – maybe you or someone could suggest a smaller one for the RV?
    Love and prayers

  11. I love this sampler as well…it’s on my radar too. Currently I’m working with Let Love Reign on Flannel Flower by Fox and Rabbit.

  12. I love every chart in that book and have stitched two of them. When I had looked at this in my book, I thought if I ever stitch it, I may just leave off the words all together and replace the border above the words with the bottom border. That way, it’s not just a Christmas sampler. I think either of those fabrics would be equally lovely.

  13. I used to stitch reproduction samplers many years ago after seeing the genuine at antiques shows. The prices were out of my budget.
    I vote for Fog linen!

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