Salsa Season

I have been busy making salsa. Last week on Thursday, I made 72 Quarts.  Yes you read that right 72 QUARTS.  I was SO pooped.  Trust me, sleeping that night was no problem.


I couldn’t get them all in one picture….


And yes…you are right.  There are not 72 jars in the pictures.  Hubby had taken a trip to the basement with a load and these crazy girls along with others, invaded my house for a SALSA PARTY and ate 3 quarts worth!


Last night I went out and picked tomatoes because today is another salsa making day.  I am thinking I will have another HUGE batch.  After it got dark I had to quit picking.  I came in the house and there was hubby, getting tomatoes ready for the morning….


We take out the core and then slice an “X” on the bottom of each tomato before we skin them.  It make the skins just slide off.  We prepared three of those big flats of tomatoes.  I think there is another flat that needs picking out in the garden…that’s my first thing to do this morning.

Oh it’s going to be a busy, LONG day….

To leave you with a little laugh today, check out this tomato I picked last night.


Hubby insists that it must have told several lies to get a nose that long…with that comment I named my first tomato ever…meet Pinocchio.

Wish me luck…any guesses on how many quarts I’ll end up with??  Oh if you are looking for the recipe…this is my base recipe.

Everyone always wonders what we do with all the Salsa…here is our Salsa Tortilla Soup recipe and here is our Spicy Black Bean recipe.   Since I’ve cut back on carbs, I no longer put the tortillas in the salsa soup….it’s still yummy.

Check out Homestead Revival for more home grown goodness.

8 thoughts on “Salsa Season”

  1. I am envious! I cannot get a single red tomato to save my life. This pacific northwest garden is mostly pumpkins and rhubarb with a volunteer potato plant. Sigh.

  2. Holy cow. I think you will end up making 10 times more salsa than my husband does. What a cool looking tomato nose.

  3. I’m thinking that you could get about 25 quarts from the tomatoe’s you have posted here. I say this because I have been busy making sauce. When I make salsa, it end up with so much other stuff, onions, peppers hot and mild. I think you will end up sleeping well again tonight.

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