Salsa making in May?!?! and a winner.

Last year our garden didn’t produce very many tomatoes.  We had too much rain early in the season and then no heat all summer.  I didn’t have enough tomatoes to make enough salsa to feed my brood.

We ran out of salsa about a month ago…and we had been rationing it since Christmas.  Enter my sister in law….she works at a tomato green house.  They grow tomatoes in a huge acre size green house.  I knew she was coming for my son’s graduation so I ask…no begged…her to bring tomatoes and SHE DID!


She brought me six flats like the ones shown….that’s lots…and that was PERFECT!  I ended up making three batches with the help of my son, Karl.  Here’s two of the pots waiting to be put in jars.


Doesn’t it look YUMMY?  Notice the bag of tortilla chips behind the pots.  Lots of taste testing went on…so much for watching carbs today.


Here’s part of the jars…we had 46 in all.  Our daughter Kalissa had friends over after school because she was going on and on about salsa…so there are 2 jars less.  People always ask for the recipe (here it is) and they ask why so much salsa.  Well  I make a salsa soup.   Here’s the recipe for that.  Being I am low carbing, I don’t add the tortilla strips anymore.  I eat this about four times a week for breakfast.  I know that sounds crazy but I love to eat things for breakfast that are in a bowl and warm.  There aren’t many low carb options that fit the bill so salsa soup it is.  Sometimes I substitute hamburger for chicken breasts…

I planted 65 tomatoes in the garden so hopefully we’ll have good weather and I’ll be making LOTS more salsa in August.  Any bets on whether all of this gone by then?  I know it will.  My adult kids are already asking me to save them a few jars each.

Now for the winner of the dresden plate/Sunbonnet Sue dish towel makings….the winner is  #27 Barb who said, “Hi Jo!
Just love your Sunbonnet Sue variation! I’ve always loved this pattern-makes me think of “Holly Hobby”-remember her? (You are probably way too young!) Thanks for the videos and all of your yummy recipes!”

Yes Barb, I do remember Holly Hobby.  I was in love with her.  The drug store, in New Richland, Minnesota, had her picture on their shopping bags and I saved a bag and put it in my cedar chest because I thought she was the coolest.  It’s still in my cedar chest to this day.

3 thoughts on “Salsa making in May?!?! and a winner.”

  1. Debbie Leschisin

    Yikes, 65 tomato plants!!! I finished planting my garden a few days ago, and I thought 54 tomato plants was a lot. Nothing like home canned salsa and other home canned tomato sauces though.

  2. There is nothing like homemade…thanks for the recipe!

    And thanks so much for the “Sunbonnet Sue” fixin’s giveaway…looking forward to working on it!

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