Sad News for the Quilting World

Monday was a sad day for the quilting world.  I got word that Country Threads, my favorite quilt shop ever, is closing.  Connie and Mary decided that retirement sounded a little better that working away…..After going to Cincinnati with the gals I knew that the days were numbered but I just hoped they would stick it out.

If you’re wanting to know the whole story, you can read it for yourself on Country Threads’ blog.  I remember the first time I went to Country Threads…I was in awe.  I loved their style…I loved the look….I loved the fabric…I loved the designs.  For me, it was the sacred quilting place.

I remember Hubby asking me what I wanted for my birthday and I said a trip to Country Threads and $50.  I got it and he happy napped in the car while I shopped.

I remember when it was small then expanded and then expanded again.  My trips went from spending and hour there to being able to spend two hours there.

You know…some of the favorite projects I have in the house are from Country threads…Let me give you a little tour.

The quilt on my living room wall…a Country Threads design.


The quilt on my dining room wall….a Country Threads design.


Picture in my dining room….a Country Threads design (and yes it’s the spring one I have all four seasons done but with the house project going on, I’m still on spring)


My kitchen wall…a Country Threads design.


My entry a Country Threads design.


I have posted tours of their shop several different times.  You can see them here, here and here, here, here, here.

One of my favorite projects ever though has been their book Rugs from Rags.  I don’t know if you have seen this or done this before but it is fun and very easy.


Have your Hubby build (or buy a frame from Country Threads) and “twine” a rug.  See the rug on the floor in the picture, I used junk fabric to make it.  I wanted my rug really blue so I bought a couple used 100% cotton sheets and mixed my fabric in with it.  Back when the addition was put on this house I wanted matching rugs so I made five that matched.

Years later the rugs are still going strong.  In fact I was thinking about getting the frame out and making a couple for the new house.  It’s time consuming but the rugs are pretty and last a long time.  Mary at Country Threads has made them out of T-shirts too.  I still want to give that a try.

I am hoping to take a trip that way sometime in September before they close at the end of October and the shop gets bare…I just want a pattern or two before they go away and I want to personally thank Mary and Connie for all that they have done for the quilting world.

For years quilting was done out of necessity..then with production of comforters and blankets it died off a bit.  Connie and Mary were part of a movement that brought quilting back as a hobby.  I love that they did!!

They are wonderful examples of women achievers-of people who took a passion and made it a dream.  There will never be another fabric shop as good as theirs in my opinion.  Country Threads was the best with samples..the best with keeping things current and fresh too…the best with decor…the best outside appeal…the most welcoming.

Hat off to you Mary and Connie…you will be missed!!

3 thoughts on “Sad News for the Quilting World”

  1. Connie and Mary have provided inspiration to so many quilters! I’m sure it’s difficult to decide whether to retire or to sell the shop. A new owner might have other ideas and it would be hard to avoid comparisons. Retiring while on a high note may be better all around.

  2. Mary Etherington`

    Oh, Jo my friend, thank you for such kind words! It really was a great ride but we’re ready to have some time off. I haven’t sewn anything just for the fun of it in over 20 years and I can hardly wait to start a new project! Ha!

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