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I’ve wanted some new rugs upstairs.  I need some for the south spare bedroom.  I hate driving to town (one big enough to find rugs for sale) so I flipped over to Amazon.  They had some that I thought would be great.  The problem…I was so nervous about buying something I couldn’t feel or actually see.

There are rugs and rugs and rugs on Amazon.  How can I tell the quality??  I read reviews.  I looked and looked.  Then I stumbled upon this rug.

Safavieh Heritage Collection HG625A Handmade Red Wool Area Runner, 2 feet 3 inches by 20 feet (2'3" x 20')
Well this wasn’t the bedroom rug I was looking for but it would be great as a rug for my long upstairs hallway….It sure looked nice…but would it be the quality I wanted.  I was so excited as I didn’t know they made runners 20 feet long. I ended up ordering it but decided that I wouldn’t order the bedroom rugs I found instead waiting to see about the quality of this rug.

I was so leery.  It came all wrapped up and the delivery guy left if outside.  It was so heavy.  It was all I could do to get it carried into the house.  But the moment of truth would come when I opened it.I don’t often buy nice new things so this was a real treat and I so hoped I wouldn’t be disappointed.

It was delivered during childcare so I waited for Hubby to come home and the kids to go then I had him carry the rug upstairs.  The packing was really good so it took a little work to get it out and unrolled.  I told Hubby my apprehension as I unrolled it.  He quickly said- I love the color and I think your worries about quality are over.


I love it.  The color is great.  I am so happy.  The rug brand is Safavieh and it’s part of the Heritage Collection.  They have so-so many awesome rugs that are all different colors, styles, patterns and sizes.

If you are looking for rugs that have an antique feel to them, I highly recommend these.  They are so plush.  The first night we had it down I woke in the night half asleep and half awake making my way down the new runner to the bathroom.  I woke enough to smile and be happy about the rug all over again.  It is so cushy.

I am so-so happy with the purchase.  The quality was great…the colors were accurate.  The price was good.  All around I am happy.  Once the credit card bill comes and this one is paid for I’m ordering two rugs from the same company for the spare bedroom.  At least this next time around I won’t be nervous about the quality…because I know it’s really good.

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  1. Safavieh is in the NYC area. They market their goods to a high-end clientele. I’ve bee hearing their ads on the radio forever. I’m glad you’re happy with the rug. It looks like was custom made for your hallway!

  2. That rug looks fantastic in your hallway. The colors really look great with the woodwork. Wishing you lots of happy, squishy toe trips on your new rug.

  3. Looks fabulous, I am going home to measure my hallway and see if it will work for me. I have a lovely blue and gold pattern saved in my Amazon Wish List.

  4. Looks fabulous, I am going home to measure my hallway and see if it will work for me. I have a lovely blue and gold pattern saved in my Amazon Wish List.

  5. looks great! I would offer up one more place to search for rugs… I have purchased many a rug from their….large (room size) and entry way rugs. they have all been of fabulous quality. Overstock also offers coupons…10 or 15% off, not great, but their prices are extremely fair.

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