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I’ve been working on my rug a little more.  I’ve been busy so I’ve decided that it’s okay if I don’t work on it during the week but each Sunday when I watch Downton Abbey and Mercy Street I’ll work on it.

Last Sunday I went from this….

to this….
More orange was added and all of the green in the center.  It’s slowly coming along.  This isn’t a fast project but I really enjoy working on it…and it’s relatively cheap.  I think so far I have about 7 T-shirts into the rug.

Where we are at I can get T-shirts super cheap at the thrift stores.  They often sell a bag of clothing for somewhere between $1 and $4 per bag.  I can fill it with T-shirts and have at least a rug if not two from the bag.  That’s fun.

I took time today away from my book work tasks to cut up a few more T-shirts.  I was running low and want to have enough for tomorrow night’s episodes….oh I wish there was more decent shows on television.


Hubby and I finished up the season of Longmire on Netflix.  Can anyone recommend another good series?  We need one.

If you’re interested in the rug, you can hope over to Country Threads and see Mary’s rug.  She is making her’s from T-shirts too only she is making her’s more randomly alternating strip colors all the time.  I’l like to make one like that as well.

Anyone else rugging along??

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  1. These are the series we have watched on Netflix—-I think all rated R, for language and sex. If hubby can’t figure out what’s going to happen next then it’s a good show for us.
    “Damages” with Glenn Close
    “House of Cards” with Kevin Spacey
    “Prison Break” with Dominic Purcell. (still watching this one)
    they all have 4-5 seasons.

  2. I was a huge Justified fan. Hubby didn’t care for it but he doesn’t like much except for sports. I’ve recommended it to several friends and they have liked it a lot.
    Loved Longmire too.

  3. Did you make your frame? If so instructions please.
    Or did you buy it? If so , can you give me details.
    I have always been interested in rug making, I couldn’t afford a loom.
    Thank you for your time.

  4. I have a loom that I started a long time ago and was using stops of fabric, but can’t even remember how to do it. Got any suggestions on getting back into it? I can email a picture if you want to see it. Any instructions on doing the rug or did you have that in another blog?

  5. “When Calls the Heart” on Netflix is family entertainment. Season 2 has just been added. I’m watching/listening to “Leverage” while sewing now.

  6. We’ve started watching “Leverage” and are finishing up the last season of “The Tomorrow People.” Your rug looks great!

  7. I can recommend Broadchurch and The Paradise. The first is a bit like a British Longmire, and stars David Tennant. The second is like a Downton Abbey that focused on a Gwen-type, but set in a department store.

    I can also recommend looking at the “Because You Watched…” queues on Netflix to see similar shows to ones you’ve liked.

  8. I wholeheartedly recommend “Heartland” about a young woman ‘horse whisperer’ and her family living in Alberta province of
    Canada. I’ve got my whole extended family hooked. I also loved “McLeod’s Daughters” from Australia (first 3 seasons are best, sort of turned soap opera-ish after that) . I enjoy learning about other countries while engaged in a good series.

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