Rug Along

I am getting geared up for the Rug Along that Mary at Country Threads is hosting.  She says she’s starting on the 5th.  That’s today!

I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up but I sure am going to give it a try.  I’ve made several rugs before and have very much enjoyed it.  I had almost forgot about it and then I walked by a display of brightly colored rugs at Wal-Mart.


As tempting as it was to grab one of the brightly colored rugs I refrained because I know the one I make with T-shirts is going to wear so much better.

I have a stack of T-shirts collected.  I have no idea how many I’ll need.  I can’t use the spot where the logo is so that wastes a lot.


When I was thrifting and collecting shirts I save the shirt below and was a little peeved.  I hate the logo.  You can bet I am going to cut this shirt up, weave it a rug and walk ALL OVER IT!  I love farming and will always care about farms.


I have four different frames.  One is larger and is the original size that is listed in the book.  I have a table runner and place mat size too.  My favorite size and the one I’ll be using for this is slightly smaller that the original full size rug.  I like the smaller size.  I typically use my rugs in front of doors so I like the size better.  I’m so lucky that I have Hubby who can quickly make a frame for me.

As much as I love quilting it’s going to be fun to have a new medium to working with.

I am so glad Mary is hosting.  To learn more about it keep checking out Mary’s blog Country Threads’ Chicken Scratch.

9 thoughts on “Rug Along”

  1. i love the look of those rugs. I’ve never made one either, so it will be interesting to read along and watch the progress.

  2. Why would anyone even think of doing a t-shirt like that. Don’t they realize the importance of farming? Don’t they know how their food is supplied? And people get so upset with truckers. How do they think all those items get to the local stores. My chosen word has been, “Appreciate/content” so I am trying to voice my appreciation for jobs that get done yet are not recognized for their importance. If you had a carton of milk in your fridge, thank a farmer, thank a trucker, thank a stock clerk, thank God for all of it.

    Just saying, Dotti

  3. I guess Mr. Nobody doesn’t care to eat food. What a stupid thing to put on a shirt. You remind me of Nancy Sinatra’s famous song, “These boots are gonna walk all over you.”

  4. You mention “the book” in your discussion. I’m wondering what the title is. I’d love to try a tee shirt quilt. Thanks.

  5. Why can’t you use the logo portion of the t shirt? Doesn’t it disappear when the strip of fabric is pulled into the loom? Or does it make the fabric too stiff and puffy to use?

  6. So, just so you (and your readers) know, the “farm” t-shirt was created in reference to some Farm game on FaceBook. My FB friends were always trying to get me to play the game and give them pieces or items for their FB game farm. It was annoying. No, I didn’t create the t-shirt, but I do remember seeing pictures of them online a couple of years ago (or so) and i thought it was hilarious. This doesn’t have anything to do with real farms, but I can see how they should have been a little more careful in their wording, so as not to offend REAL farmers. I mean, we all have to eat, right? I know I for one are VERY appreciative of farmers, since I live in an Urban Area. Thank you JO & Family!

  7. The farm tshirt refers to a facebook game called farmville I think … It was huge a while back and the requests people kept sending thru were soooo annoying. So people coined the phrase “nobody cares about your stupid farm” … whoever made the shirt should have thought to add the facebook or game logo, cos it’s quite offensive if you’re not in the know :-/

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