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I’ve been working on my rug for the Country Threads Chicken Scratch Rug Along that’s hosted by Mary.  If you’re new to making rugs from rags you’re in for a treat.  I’ve made close to ten and have loved them all.  Rug makers can make their rugs from most any type of fabric.  I have never made one from T-shirts before so this time, after seeing Mary’s great rugs, I’m making mine with T-shirts.

Here’s how far I am.

rug-1I have to stop here and explain that my rug loam is smaller than the one Mary has in their book.  I can’t remember the size.  I’ve made a couple that sized and for me, they seemed a little big.  I had Hubby make me a frame that is a little smaller.  I want them to go just in front of the door-stove or sink.  The one shown in the picture is old….at least five years!


The other’s I’ve made have been made using fabric I no longer liked, sheets…mens cotton shirt fronts…all sorts of fabric.  The T-shirts I like best though.  The edges roll in beautifully as I twine the strips.  I love it.

It’s important to work from both ends to keep the tension on the warp even.  That’s why you see some of the work at the top and some at the bottom of the frame.

The warp (background strung fabric) is regular cotton fabric.  What I’m twining onto it is the T-shirt fabric.  It does take quite a bit of fabric to do a rug.  The yellow you see on the rug is from one extra large T-shirt.

Working on a rug is a great television watching project.  I like it best for when Hubby comes in and we chat about the day…it’s portable so I just take whole frame to the kitchen.  It isn’t super fast…this is two evenings of play.

I prefer to stand with the frame on a chair and the chair back and frame leaning against a wall.  I’ve seen Mary mostly sit when she works on rugs.

I am no expert on this like Mary is.  If you have questions head on over to Mary’s blog and leave a comment.  Mary is really good at getting back to her readers.

Mary does have some books for sale-DVD’s too- if you’re insterested.  (Follow this link to find our ordering information)


4 thoughts on “Rug Along Progress”

  1. Hi Jo,
    My Great Grandmother used to make rugs from old wool suits and dresses. She would pull strips of it through a burlap backing and they were beautiful. She also made braided rugs, but I’m not sure what she used for them ( I’m thinking wool also). I really like the way you are doing them with old tee shirts. Looks like fun.
    I’m glad to hear that you have a plan moving forward with your health. Sounds like you are well informed about your choices and have made the best decision for you.
    I wish you the very best and a very speedy recovery.

  2. I ordered the rug book and should get it by the end of the week. Would you tell us the finished size of your rug which is in front of the stove? I’m trying to decide if I want to order a frame from the quilt shop near Mary or ask a friend if he would make it. I’m also wondering if it’s possible to make the frame so you could make different sizes on the same frame. I’m guessing that the bottom word piece would have to slide uo to be closer to the top wooden piece. When I wove a rug in college (many years ago) the frame was like a large picture frame and didn’t have the metal rods. Thanks.

  3. Is there a reason why everyone weaves the rag rugs and meet in the middle of the loom? I just finished my first rug and the instructions were to weave from top to bottom. It came out beautifully.

    1. No idea. I think it’s harder to work near the nails. I always encourage everyone to do what you love…and how you love. Good for you that yours worked!

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