Rudy…no Ruby.

Saturday Kelli was home to power sew.   As I have said all month long, we had a big bunch of deadline sewing all that needed to be done this month.  We are actually doing really good with it all but we have one quilt that was in pieces that really needed to become a top.  We hoped if we power sewed today, we could get it done.

While we were sewing..the dogs were hanging out.  They wrestle and romp and wrestle and romp some more.  Then Puppycat got tired of Ruby and her antics and went to lay in the kennel.  Ruby  followed her and laid in the same kennel.


Then it was back to wrestling and romping.  Ruby would bring a toy and try to get Puppycat to play tug of war, but Puppy wouldn’t do it.  Then Ruby started to try other things to get Puppy to play like biting her on the face.  Puppy still won’t play.  Finally Kelli took and blanket and threw it over Puppy and there she stayed-in hiding.

After that, Kelli decided that she would just start calling Ruby-  Rudy instead….as in rude.


I am guessing that this nick name won’t last forever.  Back before Ruby had her emergency surgery Kelli called her Devil Dog.  Then Ruby got sick and Kelli promised, if Ruby got better she would never call her devil dog.  Then she started calling her frog legs long tail.  They Ruby ran away and Kelli promised if she came back, she’d never call her frog legs again.

I am fairly certain Ruby will do something here in the near future that will make Kelli rethink things and Ruby will loose her most recent nick name, Rudy.

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