Ruby’s Wedding Weekend

While we were celebrating the wedding, Ruby was hanging out with some friends.

Photo: Thanks Kris and Sara Rausch for pet sitting.

This is Barnaby-or Barns.  He is a not yet full grown brindle colored Mastiff.  He is so gentle and friendly.  He is just HUGE though.  Right now he’s at about 150 pounds and is expected to get even bigger.  His coloring is just wonderful.  He’s a beauty for sure.

His family has raised him to be very friendly and gentle.  He gave me a couple big kisses when we picked up Ruby.  It was so funny to see the two.  Ruby just kept her eyes squinted most of the time as Barns would swing his tail and catch her across the face.

On Ruby’s part, she wasn’t the best.  She howled a little and whined a lot.  She wasn’t really good on the hour and forty five minute car ride either.  At home, she’s totally secure but out and about, she gets really timid and insecure.  I think we’ll need to work on more out and about time.  I’m sure that will be easier to manage once we are living in town.

I can’t thank Kris, Sara and Barns enough for putting up with Ruby this weekend.

4 thoughts on “Ruby’s Wedding Weekend”

  1. One of our beagles is a great car rider and the other one is not. He does better if I sit in the back seat with him and the vehicle is moving! He whines when we stop! I always ask myself, why is one dog so good and the other one…special!

  2. They are so cute together. We have a 7 month old golden retriever and her best friend is a 2 year old very gentle staffordshire terrier. They have a grand time together as well.

  3. I wondered what you did with Ruby for the days of the wedding. I’m so glad you didn’t have to kennel her again!

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