Ruby’s Rough Day

Yesterday Ruby went to the vet for a “female” visit.  Yep, the little girl is four months old and ready to get spayed.

She spent the day lying in the pet bed that I strategically placed in from of the heat vent.  She’s miserable, but I am too.  Although I know getting her spayed is the right thing to do, I can tell she’s just uncomfortable and it’s all my fault.

12 thoughts on “Ruby’s Rough Day”

  1. It really does hurt knowing our “little ones” are in pain. Our little Shih Tzu Macy had her right eye removed shortly after Christmas, and we both cried. But she’s doing fine now, and will soon get her stitches out. God Bless little Ruby!

  2. Hang in there mom! They look so sad, but it’s amazing how spunky they get in a day or two. You did the right thing, Oh, and a few more treats might help.:)

  3. Jo — If Ruby starts bothering her stitches, rather than using those hard plastic cones (Elizabethean collars) the vet’s office offers, try rolling a towel lengthwise and tape it around her neck like a collar so she can’t bend her head back to reach the incision. Won’t freak her out like the E collars or damage your walls. I used a bath towel for my Newfoundland, but a smaller thick towel would work for Ruby. Annie

  4. I know how you feel. We had Molly speyed not too long ago. I’ve just read Annie’s comment. I wish I’d heard of using a towel. Molly had to wear one of those collars and hated it. She started chewing the drip they put in straight away, so a collar it was! Poor Molly kept walking into the walls and doors and when she had to go out for her business, she could hit the steps with the bottom of the collar. That’s not to mention the back of my legs as she always sticks by me. I was certainly glad when her collar came off! I hope Ruby is feeling better soon.

  5. She will be healthier for it! It is hard to see them not feeling good though. But when I was a kid, we had a dog die from mammary cancer and the vet said it could have been avoided if she’d been spayed. Our pup was spayed at about the same age (maybe a couple of weeks younger). It’s much easier on them when they’re young like that.

  6. Just a thought…when I had my daughter’s chihuahua spayed, I put her in a baby onesie and she left her incision alone. Ruby might wear a 3 year old size onesie – just put it on so the front of the onesie in on their back and their tail goes between the snaps. When I took her out to do her business, I unsnapped the snaps, pulled the ends to her shoulder and snapped it on one side so it didn’t get in the way but stayed on her.

  7. absolutely the right thing to do! sometimes i think i sound like bob barker “spay and neuter your animals!” i’m a big believer in that. when the kids begged and begged to let our dog have a litter, i asked them if they could provide homes for 6 more dogs, and pay for all their vet visits. it’s just the smart thing to do, so try not to feel bad about it. ruby will be healthier for it.

    i know i’m on my soapbox here, but i’m also a big believer in adopting from the shelter if possible.

  8. JO–you did the correct thing. You have many loves to give her these healing days that will give you both comfort. We all love our pets and we have feel their pain and just think in a couple days she will be herself once again. Joyce

  9. Poor thing! Our little Savannah went for her visit back at the beginning of December. I was worried she would feel awful. She was a almost 6 months old. She was a little slower but other than that she was good to go. She didn’t mess with a thing and by day number two she was running around at full speed. I was amazed. Call me awful but i was looking forward to a few days of downtime!;)

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