Ruby’s Miss-Adventure

Yesterday when I was working on the computer, Ruby was sitting in the comfy old office chair next to me.  All of a sudden there was a commotion.

Typically the pet bed is sitting in the window.  Ruby LOVES sitting in the window, sunning herself and watching the farm action happening outside.  Only problem, she can’t jump into the window by herself yet.  Gracie always could but Ruby just isn’t coordinated enough yet.

Apparently, she thought she could jump from the chair to the window….

Off went one of my African Violets….it’s no big deal I have plenty.  I actually collect them and the destroyed one was a duplicate.  The only problem, I had just watered them right before I sat down at the computer.  The soil was all wet and yucky leaving yet another stain on the carpet.  Oh my carpets needs to get cleaned….

I keep waiting.  Ruby doesn’t really have bathroom accidents anymore…but I am not sure she is out of the puppy stage yet and until that happens, our carpet is not going to be amazing.

7 thoughts on “Ruby’s Miss-Adventure”

  1. Pat C in Washingon

    They call those “Princess Di eyes” when the doggie tilts their head just so and looks at you all pitiful with their big liquid eyes… can’t possibly be mad at such cuteness.

  2. She kinda looks like she saying: I wonder who did THAT?!! LOL! I always say to mine that it’s a good thing they are so cute! :)

    1. Hi Nancy. Sadly Gracie had to be put to sleep in September. She had a tumor on her kidney and they suspected cancer. She was suffering and we didn’t want that for her. We opted to let the vet operate but it was too bad. We got Ruby as a puppy at the end of October. It’s been a hard road. Often I miss Gracie. I am so thankful that she was calm and a great companion. She was great for Hubby who never grew up with a dog in the house…she taught him that a dog in the house is a good thing. Ruby has been a challenge but a good one. She’s definitely part of the family already. Here is a link to the blog post about Gracie’s passing. Here is the post from the day Ruby came. Glad you stopped by.

  3. Oops. Hey, maybe you can find someone who quilts to make a cute little ‘mug rug’ that’s puppy size to cover the latest stain. LOL

    Puppies are just so stinkin’ cute it’s hard to get mad at them for too long. We currently have 4 Purbred Toy Fox Terrier’s in our house and both their parents. YES, FOUR of them. ugh. Would you like a playmate for your puppy? These little guys are super cute. :)

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