Ruby’s Day at Childcare

It was a busy Monday here at childcare for Ruby.

First she had a baby puppy.


She was so exhausted from the labor that she needed a nap…but the “doctor” interupted the nap as Ruby needed to get checked out and given shots…and her heart beat checked and band aides.  It was apparently quite a process giving birth because the doctoring session on Ruby lasted for quite awhile.


By the time that nap was over it was time to get the childcare kids fed.  Of course Ruby cleaned up all the good morsels off the floor that they dropped.  Then it was time to sleep so Ruby took her place as sentinel on her end of the couch.


Then the school bus came bringing more kids and more adventures…like Ruby’s wedding to the boy dog (who never showed for the wedding).


No bridal gown is complete without flowers for the wedding.


After the wedding she walked around on her leash and then was presented with a platter of treats.


The kids have now gone and Miss Ruby is back on the couch for a much deserved nap….I gotta say on really love this dog.  She’s a great help at childcare and the kiddos love her too.  In fact the little kids have all said Ruby’s name before they ever say Jo.  I’m just so lucky that Ruby doesn’t demand a paycheck.

In a couple of the pictures Ruby doesn’t look “excited”…don’t worry.  She is.  She loves this.  I just didn’t “catch” the right angle or moment with my camera.  Ruby adores the attention that the kids shower on her.  I have two kennels on the main floor and the kids all know if Ruby goes in the kennel she is off limits and they can’t play with her.  Ruby does sometimes go there because she does need a break but not today.  She was having too much fun!  I am just so thankful that the kids have a good dog in their life…a great pet beats any toy, any day.

10 thoughts on “Ruby’s Day at Childcare”

  1. Jo, what a cute post. Beagles are such nice pets, other than they do like to take off with their nose to the ground if given the opportunity! The kids at daycare will have fond memories of Ruby when they are grown. I bet Ruby was tired from the events of the day! Don’t know if you would like it or not, but I saw the movie, “Love The Coopers” over the weekend. The story was narrated by the dog. Mostly a drama, but comic moments too. Heartwarming! I wonder what Ruby would narrate about her life with her humans???

  2. My family had a beagle when I was growing up and I used to dress her up in doll clothes. My brother dressed her in his ski helmet, goggles and gloves (I still have that picture)! She hated being dressed, but put up with it! She was a fabulous companion from the time I was 6 until she passed when I was 23. Still love and miss that little girl.

  3. Oh, what a fun story of Ruby’s daycare adventures! I just smiled all the way through, and to think the little ones get to play with such a gentle and understanding dog who obviously loves kids – she will make a lasting impression on them on how our dogs love us.

  4. being a long time animal lover especially dogs, I love your little Ruby! Such a good girl letting the little ones dress her up. I look forward to her treat enthused poses with your quilts. In these cases “the dog makes the quilt special! Keep the poses coming Miss Ruby!

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