Ruby’s Accident

I don’t know how it happened….I don’t know what happened.  All I know is that we let the dogs outside and when Ruby came back in, she was acting odd.

After a little investigation we discovered that she has a gash in her “arm pit”.  You can see the line in the picture.


It’s actually bigger than it looks but I don’t want to bother Ruby…and you likely don’t want to see it.

She walks on her leg fine and even jumped into the chair so I’m not worried that it’s broken but she is tender.  Hubby checked it out and said she’ll be okay..of course I worry more that he does.

I sure wish I knew what happened so I can make sure that whatever it was doesn’t happen again.

10 thoughts on “Ruby’s Accident”

  1. One of our grand dogs was injured that way when she ran into a stick. Watch out for infection and make certain nothing is stuck in the wound.

  2. This same kind of thing recently happened to our black lab…it was pretty bad and since he is black we didn’t even notice it right away–he kept licking his paw and we finally investigated and discovered he was bleeding down his chest onto his paw a bit..ugh! He did need it cleaned out for several days (we got good at that) before they could staple it up, but it was longer and maybe deeper than your Ruby’s. Ours was also on antibiotics….hope Ruby heals quickly!

  3. Poor baby. I hate it when they can’t tell you the important things! Give her a big squeeze, no words necessary for that. :)

  4. We had the same thing on one of our dogs. We believe she cut it either on a barbed wire that was left up by accident or on a vine that had grown crosswise like a fence line. She had that open wound for a long time and quite the scar tissue buildup afterwards. But all is fine now. Hope Ruby has the same good luck with her healing. She is such a cute girl.

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