Ruby Uses Up Another of Her Nine Lives

We had a very nice Saturday night.  The kids minus Karl and Kalissa, plus the neighbors ate supper at our house then gathered around the fire ring and visited.  We were catching up and checking on plans for the upcoming days.

We heard the fireworks being shot off at a neighboring town, prompting Buck to ask if we still had any fireworks left over from previous years.  Well we did and he decided to launch a few bottle rockets.  After a couple went off, Ruby and Puppycat cowered by my chair.  I petted them a bit but thought nothing of it.

About 20 minutes later, the traffic along the highway grew as the fireworks at the local town finished and people headed home.  I decided to go into the house to go to the bathroom when I realized Ruby was gone.  I called and called, no Ruby.   I called and called some more…no Ruby.  I checked the house thinking one of the doors might have been open but no Ruby.  By then the whole family realized Ruby wasn’t around…and neither was our farm dog, Pepper.  All of us split up and headed out calling and calling the dogs.  We checked all of the place Pepper sleeps.  We checked the barn, the sheds, the pit, the shop, the creek…everywhere.  No dogs.

We got into vehicles and drove a couple miles in each direction driving slow and calling.  No Ruby..No Pepper.  By now, I was sick with worry.  I was trying to have a clear head and not just cry.

Kelli was in the same boat as me, ready to cry.  Both of us feared the worst-that she had run down the road and gotten hit by a car after all, the traffic was heavy.  I was also worried about Buck.  He had wanted to shoot the fireworks and I knew he’d blame himself if something happened.

It was late and dark.  We all recircled where we had been and looked again all the time calling and calling.   I went down along the silage bunker and called and called.  Ruby ALWAYS comes when I call…ALWAYS.  I was just sick.    By this time over an hour had passed.

Our neighbors had gone home with the promise they would keep an eye out and look.  I talked to Hubby.  We decided we might as well send the kids to bed hoping the dogs would just return on their own.  I called one last time and headed towards the house where the kids were starting to gather.  I was just sick but Hubby was right, in the dark, there really wasn’t much more we could do.

Then Kelli swung the flash light towards the mailbox and there Ruby was.  Ruby was fine and looking good.  She was wet but she was fine.  I was so thankful.  I can’t describe how thankful I was.  I had been praying and praying that whatever happened I would be strong enough to accept the results.  Oh I could definitely handle a healthy Ruby.  We have no idea where she was..but then we realized Pepper was still gone.

We continued to look for Pepper.  We called and looked and called some more.  No Pepper.

Now Pepper being a farm dog hides and sleeps in all sorts of different places so we had no idea where she was.  We didn’t know if she had gone with Ruby.  Kelli and I walked a bit through the ditch to the south where Ruby came from but no Pepper.  Finally Hubby said we just needed to go to bed.  He’d be awake in a couple hours to do chores and would look again then.

I went to sleep with Ruby home and safe..but worried about Pepper.

Luckily, Pepper was home in the morning and completely fine.  I am so thankful that the dogs are okay….I am thinking if dogs have nine lives like cats do, Ruby just used up another one.

I do know on thing though, NO MORE FIREWORKS HERE!!

8 thoughts on “Ruby Uses Up Another of Her Nine Lives”

  1. The dogs make us worry exactly the same as the kids did.
    I read your story and could feel just what you did. So happy they are home.

  2. I’m so glad you found Ruby and Pepper came home! I had heard just the other day that the 4th was the biggest day for dogs running away. Our poor lab is terrified with fireworks and this year we finally went the medication route. It has helped just a little. Here in Utah aerial fireworks are allowed 3 days before and 3 days after the holiday with the ending time of midnight on the 4th and 11pm on the other days. Needless to say, by the time the last day comes around (last night) we are extremely relieved! We get to live through it again later in the month when the state celebrates Pioneer Day with fireworks all week, all over again!

  3. I’ll bet you just cuddled her all wet and dirty, like I would have done! We have 3 Shih Tzu and 1 Lhasa Apso, and they’re all terrified of loud noises (thunder and lightning at the top of the list). I’m more than happy to stay behind and soothe their fears, because I don’t like loud noises either! Praise the Lord that Ruby and Pepper are both okay!

  4. Pat C in Washingon

    Our German shepherd Max used to be terrified of fireworks, and we lived just down the hill from an Indian reservation that blew stuff up that sounded like the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan combined. We’d put Max in the back bedroom with a big box fan going on high, and a radio on with some old rock and roll and he would seem to tolerate that pretty well. He liked it better if one of us stayed in there with him and let him get up on the bed and cuddled with him. Good thing he wasn’t spoiled.

  5. My beagle also hates fireworks and loud noises, which explains why some hunter left him in the woods to fend for himself. He makes a great pet, though! Glad Ruby got home ok.

  6. Connie Tesene

    Jo, loved your story. I was just telling the gals at Country
    Threads about the fireworks @ Okoboji. Every night starting
    From July 3 – 5 there were big time fireworks. We turned up the
    tv for our dog, Hope. I think
    It helped. Our granddaughter ( age 3) didn’t like them either. I
    Almost dreaded sundown. Take care, Connie

  7. That is so scary. I hate when dog run off like that. the hardest thing is you know after you find them that they could hear you and just did not come. I am glad both doggies are safe. Fireworks scare dogs so bad. My mom has to drug her BIG Black Lab or he tries to breakdown the door to get into the house.

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