Ruby Update

Ruby is so full of playfulness.

Here she is playing with one of the toys Ila sent her.  It didn’t take long for it to become her favorite.

Ila had sent a little plastic squeaky cupcake.  Ruby chewed the cherry off the top of that!!  Those puppy teeth are SHARP.

We have a chicken that likes to fly over the fence and hang out on the grass.  Here’s a photo of Ruby and the chicken facing off.  Each of them chases the other.

They honestly play together.  The chicken comes towards Ruby…then Ruby barks and comes towards the hen.  It’s funny to watch them.

Monday we went to the vet Ruby got her next set of shots.  Four weeks from now she goes in again.  Then she’ll have to get her next set of shots.  We will be having her spade then too.

For now she is finally sleeping through the night…that was my favorite hurtle for her to pass.

4 thoughts on “Ruby Update”

  1. I love ruby! Beagles are so good natured. I had one in the house and she was so spoiled. A good friend of mine had cancer and was in the hospital that was over 3 hours away. While she was at the hospital her 14 year old beagle passed away. No one wanted to tell her because it would hurt her zo much. She doesnt have any kids so lady bug was her baby. I went to see her the next day and sbe was devastated. She ask if i knew anyone who had a indoor beagle that needed a good home and i didnt. When i went home i could not bear to see her heartbroken so i took my beagle penny to my friend and gave her to her. Even though it broke my heart, i could not see her suffer so. My friend is now praise god is cancer free and doing great. I go see her and penny often. So it all worked out for everone.
    I love all the pics you include in your blog and look forward to receiving it. Thank you barbara

  2. My girls and I look forward to your posts about Ruby. She looks so much like our Beagle, Maggie. It lets us imagine what she would have looked like as a puppy.
    Lisa :o)

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