Ruby Update

I’ve had several people ask about Ruby.

She got done wearing her t shirt after about 5 days.  Periodically I would try it with the shirt off but she’d start licking and back on the shirt went.


She was off her pain meds after three days but is still on her antibiotic.  She has a couple days left of that….

She could have gotten her stitches out on Wednesday but we opted to leave them in until today as we knew Puppycat would be here and the foster pup would be here.  We didn’t want it opening up if they started to rough house.

All in all she’s back to herself….the flap of skin that they weren’t sure if would heal correctly did.  We still don’t know what she originally did to injure herself.  We are guessing she ran into a stick  or piece of junk back in the grove when she was off chasing rabbits.  If you missed the whole story, you can catch up here.

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