Ruby Update

Ruby is at the vet and staying there today for a round of x-rays and exams.

We got a call from the vet and so far things are okay.  The “bits” (some type of food with a dye in them that makes them readable on x-rays) that they feed them are to go through their system.  They have passed through her stomach and so far it looks fine to that point.  She will have another series of x-rays in a few hours as the “bits” will have moved into her intestines.

I just hated leaving her.  Everything that I explained to the vet and the whole talk she gave me was the exact talk I got when I took Gracie to the vet back in September and we all know that didn’t go well.

Right now it looks like I will have to go pick her up tonight and take her back in the morning.  I just hope we can get to the cause of it all.

1 thought on “Ruby Update”

  1. Oh dear, Jo — I too, hope that they can find out what’s going on with Ruby and that it is something easily resolved. Will add a certain Beagle to my prayers. Annie

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