Ruby Today…

Ruby woke this morning and was really perky.  It was so nice to see.   I carried her downstairs and outside.  She did her business and I carried her back into the house.

I offered her food and she ate.  I was so impressed with her progress.  I got her to take one of her pills.  Then she got smart and wouldn’t take the rest.  UGH.  I decided to wait until Hubby stopped in and would make him give them to her.  Hubby didn’t come and didn’t come so I decided I’d just have to force her.  I did.

Ruby was restless and kept pacing in front of the bay window where she always lays.  I decided I would put the dog bed back in the window, lift her in so she could watch outside….then I would full a chair next to the window and stitch.  I put the bed in the window, turned to my right to pick her up and from my left, she tried to jump in the window.  She didn’t make it and her belly where the incision is hung on the ledge of the window.

I scrambled to help her but am just sick about it.  After that she had a little bleeding at the incision but not much…really just a few drops really.  I am so sick about it.  I feel awful, awful, awful.

From there I made a deal with Kalissa who had the morning off of work that I would let her lay on the couch all day if she would sit with Ruby there.  That’s what happened.

Ruby has been much slower and less perky since the window incident.  Oh I feel awful about it!

I ended up going upstairs and putting a quilt on the frame.  I just can’t stand watching her hurt.

Kalissa has since went to work and now I am on Ruby duty.  Hopefully I can keep her safer than I did this morning….

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  1. Don’t feel bad–it was an accident. There is no way you would deliberately harm Ruby. So give yourself a break. However, I do know how you feel because we love our pets and don’t want them to hurt.

  2. Nancy is right – accidents happen. I have a dog who will not take pills, so I have resorted to hiding them in cheese. I don’t know if Ruby can have cheese yet, but if she can have cheese, most dogs love cheese. Praying for your sweet fur baby.

  3. I talked to the vet and she said that the pain meds are what is making her slower. That makes me feel a little better.

  4. Jo – I would make sure that you mention this to the vet when you take her back in. Our beagle that ate the pantyhose jumped over a seat on the way home from his surgery. We didn’t realize it at the time, but he had ripped his internal stitches. He had to go back in and have another surgery to repair that. That being said, I completely understand how you feel. I agree with everyone else though, they are puppies and they don’t understand their limitations. Nothing you could have done.

  5. Oh, so happy she’s doing well. We do our best for our babies and they know it! I discovered yesterday that one of my cats was bitten by a snake! It probably happened 4 or 5 days ago and she never told me. It seems to be healing on its own and other than a huge patch of fur missing, she’s fine. Too late for the vet now! Give Ruby a big hug for me!

  6. I know how awful you must feel–but it was an accident. You were trying to show Ruby love and attention. Remember, generally everything starts to feel worse as the day wears on. Hopefully she will feel better tomorrow.

  7. Jo, “Greenies” make the best “pill pockets” for giving plls to dogs. I have some I’ll send you if you’ll send me your address off list. They are like soft chewy treats and you just put the pill in, mold it around a bit and give it your dog. And don’t beat yourself up over Ruby’s accident. Even pet moms can’t do everything. When my little shih tzu had major surgery two years ago, he was in so much pain. He was just running around the room beating his head against the wall. So I called the vet.. They said give him more pain meds. Then he got really wild. Turned out he was allergic to the pain meds. They were making him crazy. So see, in my quest to keep him from hurting, I nearly killed him with kindness. I hope both you and Ruby have a good night tonight.

  8. There is another brand of the pill pocket besides Greenies, I’m sorry I don’t remember the name, I’m out of them at the moment. One of my dogs takes an Rx med daily for his hip dysplasia and arthritis, he is also allergic to grains. The pill pockets I’m thinking of are flavored (beef, chicken) and make one that is grain free. I use them for Mr. Bear’s Rx when I have them, otherwise I crush the pill and mix with about about a 1/2 teaspoon of butter. Don’t kick yourself about Miss Ruby! You could have been standing right next to her and not have been able to stop her trying to make the jump. It happens so fast, we don’t even see it coming.

  9. Jo, don’t feel bad as it wasn’t your fault. Animals will find a way to do what they want. It’s so hard to keep them quiet.

  10. Cathy is absolutely right about Pill Pockets! In the meantime while you are awaiting those, melt a couple of slices of cheese in the microwave, then sandwich the pill between them, let them cool and then toss them to her like you would a treat. The cheese-sealed pills are the next best thing to Pill Pockets. Hang in there – 2 AND 4 leggeds! Annie

  11. Jo, I use cheese to give pills to my dogs (the vet told me about this trick). Just a wee piece to push the pill in and they eat it like candy! Oh I see someone has already suggested this…never thought to melt it!
    Good luck!

  12. Glad to hear your fur ball is doing better and trying to get by the window. My terrier had to be kept from going up and down stairs and jumping on/off the couch etc for 6 weeks. I finally just kept her in the car carrier and carried her around in that. it’s darn near impossible to keep an animal still. Maybe mix the pills with baby food or peanut butter to get them down.

  13. don’t worry Jo, you were just trying to make her comfy in her favorite spot and like all beagles, she just couldn’t wait :-) Glad to hear she was feeling good this morning and Ill bet she feels all perky again tomorrow morning, Ill be thinking of you 2!

  14. Jo, it was an accident, please do not beat yourself up over it. You do everything you can for your family and pets. Hope little ruby is feeling brighter today xx

  15. Jo, don’t beat yourself up. After I had my beagle spade, she came home and tore up the house by running around the living room, sliding across the rugs on her belly and then she calmed down and played with my mothers dog. I was a basket case but, she was fine (like Ruby she had a little bleeding). I had taken the day off thinking she would be uncomfortable and need me, she did sleep really good that night. So glad the surgery went well, I hope everyday is a little better. Thanks for the update. Still in my thoughts, Toni Anne ;->

  16. Go Ruby! How about some of those Greenies Pill Pockets (for dogs?) — I use them for my cat and she loves them! Hope for continued recovery for Ruby.

  17. Could you put a step (a footstool or some kind of box) near the window to make it easier for her to get up there? If that is her favorite spot, she may try to get up there again, and it is hard to keep an eye on a dog every minute of the day. I think she sounds like she is making good progress.

    My beagle will take just about any pill if it is in a peanut butter sandwich.

  18. Here’s hoping today is an even better day for Ruby…and YOU! We are often too hard on ourselves when someone (or somepup) we love is hurting and we can’t wave that wand to make it better. Peanut butter is the go to pill hider around here!

  19. Hoping for a better day. Two things I can tell you about Beagles: they are durable and they are wiggle butts. My Abbey is 7 and her nose runs her life, she never sits still. Accidents happen and Ruby will be ok. It hurts to watch our furry friends in pain. It just takes time, in 2 weeks she will be up and running the show again.

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