Ruby the Nurse

The flu hit here.  Saturday Kalissa was sick.  Monday I was sick.  It was classic stomach flu.  It lasted just a bit over 24 hours but almost all of those hours were spent on the couch.

Ruby did her best to “take care of us”.  First she nursed Kalissa…

Then she nursed me.

After loosing Gracie, I never thought I would love a dog so much but we sure do love Ruby…and apparently, she loves us too.
Update –  It’s Bonnie Hunter’s Roll Roll Cotton Boll.  You can find it here in her  book, String Fling: Scrappy, Happy and Loving It!  I can honestly admit, part of sick time was spent lying there admiring it..another part I stitched and other part was watching Downton Abbey.

She is quite the beagle.

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12 thoughts on “Ruby the Nurse”

  1. I’ll tell you, our pets sure know when we are down with an illness. We used to have a beagle named Simba – my son’s. He would constantly lay near him when he was sick and when both of them got older, Simba would lay by the bed because he couldn’t get up there. Then we pout him up and he made himself comfy until he told us he had to go out. ;-) Or eat.

  2. i can’t even imagine life without a pet. our current dog, ivy, is a lover. she takes care of all of us, making sure we know that we are her favorite people in the whole wide world!

  3. Oh No!!! I think dogs just seem to sense when things are not quite right.

    Norovirus hit my husband when he was at a baseball conference on Friday about an hour from home. He managed to make it home but it was not a pleasant weekend. We’ve both been walking around the house wearing gloves and masks…I am determined not to catch this super bug! So far, so good.

    I hope you all are on the road to recovery.

  4. I heard on the news (in Kansas City) that a new strain of the flu attacks the stomach and intestinal tract. It’s a short lived virus, but you must watch out for dehydration. Hope you’re up and feeling much better by now!

  5. I was wondering why you hadn’t blogged. Hope you both are feeling ok now! Jo, what is the name of the quilt you have on. Is it a Bonnie Hunter pattern? It is so pretty, I just love it!

    1. I started getting sick Sunday night and quick wrote the Tuesday blog post and in my daze hit publish. Then Monday Kelli called me and told me about my mistake. By then I figured you’d all just have to forgive me…and I wasn’t up for blogging. Yes. It is a Bonnie Hunter pattern. It is Roll Roll Cotton Boll….It’s a favorite of mine. Kalissa had Carolina Christmas another of Bonnie’s designs but you can’t see it in the picture. That one has been really well loved.

  6. I sure hope that you are better today–the stomach flu is no fun……I have always had a cocker and it is so fun how they do take care of you and fuss over you—somehow a head on your leg does make you feel better….and loved….

  7. isn’t it great when our pets nurse us and encourage us along? our cat does the same thing and is a great comfort for my husband. Glad to hear that you’re both feeling better.

  8. I hope Ruby was a very good nurse & you’re both feeling better. I used to have a cat who wouldn’t leave my side while I suffered through one of my migraines. It really was comforting to have her laying against my side, quietly purring.

    I love my Roll Roll Cotton Boll too. It’s on my bed and every time I walk into the bedroom I have to stand and admire it for a little bit. Now, if I could just get Orca Bay and Jamestown Landing done!! But first I need to finish a couple baby quilts for my niece’s twins due in early April, a quilt for my #2 granddaughter for Confirmation/8th grade graduation and a quilt for son & DIL to match their bedroom.

  9. Hope you are all well now. Ruby is a great nurse. Dogs are so sweet when you are sick. I had to have surgery a few months back and when I came home my yellow lab Mojo layed by my side for almost 24 hours. he only moved to go into garden and to eat his breakfast and supper. I love your roll roll cotton bowl. I have started cutting fabrics to go into a kit for me to make when I have finished some UFO’s. From one nurse to another Ruby you are a great nurse. jan x

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