Ruby that Puppy Sitter

I’ve been taking care of Kalissa’s puppy, Betsy, lots while she is at class.  She’s still little and we don’t want her in the cage all day long so if Kalissa is going to be gone more than 4 hours, Betsy comes and hangs out with me and Ruby.

The two dogs have become amazing pals.  They fight and wrestle.  They play tug of war.  Betsy is a ferocious little fighter full of vim and vigor and Ruby loves it.  Betsy has the cutest little growl and bark to her.  Honestly I can sit and watch them giggling for 10 minutes at a time.

They run and circle the tables and then suddenly all is quiet.   I’ll check on them only to see this.  For the way they were wrestling minutes ago, I’d never believe they could be all snuggled up and sleeping together.


When this happens, I run upstairs and start working on a quilt.  At first I would shut the kennel door as I was worried Betsy would wake and have an accident…but I don’t anymore.  The second Betsy wakes Ruby runs upstairs and gets me.  She doesn’t just come upstairs, she actually will nudge me until I pay attention to her.

I hurry downstairs and Betsy will be awake and just getting out of the kennel.  If Betsy isn’t at our house, Ruby doesn’t do that at all.  I think she’s taking on the role of puppy sitter.

Words can’t tell you how much I think of Ruby.

Those days when she was getting me up at night when she was a pup are totally worth the lost sleep.  I am all for rescue dogs and taking on older dogs but there is something to be said for getting a puppy and training them to your liking….regardless, Ruby is one good dog and one awesome puppy sitter.

5 thoughts on “Ruby that Puppy Sitter”

  1. That is so sweet! It’s amazing what dogs can do. Mine, on the other hand, are not that bright! We have two and when the younger one would get into trouble, I would ask the older one “and where were you?!!”

  2. Oh, my, what a precious picture of the two of them in the kennel! We have a new puppy at our house and I sure wish Ruby would come baby sit her! (of course, a 4-month-old Golden Retriever might be a little too big for Ruby to babysit~LOL)

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