Ruby Report

Wow…I forgot what waking up the and taking care of a little one was like.  No wonder I never got anything done back when the kids were little!!  Ruby, as cute and as sweet as she is, is putting me in the sleep deprived category once again.

She’s been up twice in the night.  Saturday night it was at about 2 am and then again at about 5:30am.  UGH…I take her out and she goes to the bathroom the back to the kennel she goes…a few minutes of pouting and she’s back to sleep.  She was up for good at about 6:15am.  That makes for not so much sleep for me.

Last evening we didn’t let her sleep and walked her lots after 6pm hoping that would help and for the most part, I think last night was better.  My goal is to get to one time in the  night for her to wake up.  Happily, she met that goal last night.

She is a real chewer.  Gracie was out of that stage long before we got her and didn’t care much for toys.  Ruby however LOVES toys.  In fact, I think I need to pick up a couple more for her so there are things laying around for her to chew rather than chewing the cords to the sewing machine..yep, she tried that.

The huge toy in the picture has been her favorite.  She grabs the center and marches around carrying it .  She got stuck under the kitchen chair with the toy…so cute!!

She loves sleeping with Roger.

She also loves to chew the fringes on the rug they are laying on….oh Ruby!!

Buck and Jen brought their dog Mika home this weekend.  Oh, it was fun to watch them wrestle.  It was fun to see that Ruby has a little festiveness in her.

We spent the entire weekend cuddling, ooh-ing, disciplining, walking and trying to tire out this little pup.  It was fun!!

As tired and as pooped out as I am, I sure wouldn’t change a thing.  I am enjoying these days while I can as I know, the cute stage of puppy-hood is going to give way to the not so cute side of puppy-hood really soon.

12 thoughts on “Ruby Report”

  1. As cute & sweet as she is I would be leery of having that pile of quilts down where she can reach them. Who knows when she might decide they’d make a good chew toy? And how could you be mad at that cute little face if she did?

  2. Ditto to Linda in NE. Move your quilts for awhile please. Those sharp,adorable little teeth could do some real damage! Am enjoying your blog. Thanks, micki

  3. Oh, I love these reports, & her sleeping with your husband is just priceless.
    I am so looking forward to watching her grow & learn. She sure is special.

  4. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures of Ruby. Makes me miss my Muffin, my beagle of my childhood! They look very much alike. So sweet!!!

  5. what an adorable girl! such a cute little puppy…. they are just so gorgeous aren’t they? my little boy, a cavalier king charles, makes me so happy, I just can’t imagine life without him! Nothing better than a little puppy to cuddle…

  6. Sharyn Hutchinson

    Our Brody still chews everything…including us. At least when he uses us as a chew toy he doesn’t bite that hard. He’s chewed on a few pieces of furniture but we have been able to sand and paint them so you can’t tell….much. We have a gazillion toys and he LOVES them but they are still not enough. We keep him VERY tired and he has slept thru the night since we got him at 7 weeks. Just lucky I guess. I love hearing all about Ruby!

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