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Well yesterday was Ruby’s birthday.  She’s 7 now.  It’s so hard to believe it was that long ago that we got her.

Several of you have asked about Ruby.  You asked if things have been different with her since Kramer passed on June 2nd.

Things have changed in some ways..  If it’s at all possible I think Ruby is more attached to me than ever.  She’s gotten so she has a little more separation anxiety than she used to.  I’m trying not to do anything different to make it any worse than it already is.  She’s much quicker to bark and warn me of “terrible dangers” like a squirrel.

We’re in a new routine now.  She sleeps with me.  When Kramer was around he would get up and go to work at 5am and then once he left, Ruby would jump into bed with me.  Now she sleeps with me all the time.  She’s really careful to make sure it’s okay that she’s on the bed.  She doesn’t jump into my bed until I pat the bed three times.  Then up she comes.

Once in bed, she was a pain as she would crowd me or get me with her nails in the middle of the night so I ended up buying a new dog bed for the living room and took the old one and put it on my bed.  Most of the time, she sleeps there…I do wake with her under the covers from time to time.  I’m sure once winter is her she’ll be under the cover more often.

About three weeks ago, Ruby started in on itching and scratching.  UGH.  I checked her for fleas…nope.  That lead me to believe that her allergies kicked in.  I started back up with allergy meds.

Then I noticed that she had a sore spot on her ear as she was itching so much.  Then I noticed a sore spot on her tail that came from itching.

That means it’s time for a vet appointment.  Here’s what we found out….She ended up having ear infection in both ears…and the rest was allergies.  There is a new allergy med that came out that’s pretty expensive but it supposed to be much better so we’re giving that a try.  Our vet said she’ll need it until it freezes.  At least she doesn’t need to be on it all the time.

Kelli was good enough to take to her to the vet for me.   It’s so hard for me to get away during the week to take her myself.  Then Kelli kept her overnight to save a back and forth trip as Kelli had to come here the next day anyway.

Here’s Ruby at her sleepover with Puppycat.

Kelli is so good to me.

Ruby has been more precious to me than ever.   Without her here at the house, the house would seem pretty empty.  I had kind of thought if something happens to Ruby, I didn’t know if I’d get another dog.  Now with Kramer gone, I know I’d get another dog.  When a person doesn’t have a human companion, a dog is about the best substitute.  Ruby is definitely worth her weight in vet bills.

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  1. Happy Birthday to Ruby!! You are right, it doesn’t seem like you could have had her for 7 years now. That means I’ve been following your blog even longer than that because I remember Gracie! When our last beagle died, we thought he’s d be the last dog. We were now empty nesters and we just thought that was practical. That lasted three months! We got a rescue dog and he’s been just the best decision we ever made. The only thing we did differently is that instead of another beagle, he’s a terrier mix. You are right…without a dog, the house is very quiet!!

  2. One you become used to having a dog or cat in the house it’s never quite right without them! Besides she is good for you because she gets you out for a walk.

  3. Happy Birthday Ruby! My Mojo just celebrated his 13th! Our dogs are LOVE! Thank you for always sharing Ruby with us, Jo!
    – Jean ❤

  4. Love the Ruby story. Always look forward to reading/seeing her photo. Puppycat is such an unusual name. I’ve wondered about that. I love dogs and cats. Enjoy your buddy.

  5. Mary Ann Mettler

    Dogs are a comfort and Ruby seens like a sweet doggie. Happy Birthday to her. Allergies are no fun for dogs – hope the medicine works. I do miss having a dog but since we have retired it is also nice to be able to travel and not have to worry about what to do with the dog when we are gone. Most my kids have dogs so I get my dog fixes when I visit them.

  6. I can’t believe Ruby is 7! Which means I’ve been reading your blog since long before that! Pets can be wonderful companions.

  7. Can I ask what the new allergy drug is? Our Shih Tzu has been on a cycle of skin scales, ear infections, and eye infections since January. Hundreds of dollars spent on one drug (or multiple at the same time). I thought we had it beat and yesterday I found scales on his belly. Ugh! Don’t know whether to change veterinary offices or what!

  8. Please let me know what this new medication is called. Since January we have been on a cycle of skin Flakes, ear infections and eye infections. Hundreds of dollars spent for office visits and multiple medications. I am at a loss and trying to figure out whether we need to change veterinary offices or what!

  9. Happy birthday Ruby! I enjoy seeing pictures of her especially on your quilts or when the childcare kids are playing with her.

  10. SusanfromKentucky

    Happy Birthday Ruby!
    So true about needing a dog when you’ve lost your spouse. I spoil my buddy so much. We just got back from a nice long walk at a park.

  11. Ruby”s situation with allergies sounds very much like what I experienced with my dog when he was 8. My daughter urged me to try organic food (food that was free of additives,colors and who knows what?).So I went to Petsmart and got their organic food for small/medium dogs. I didn’t have big expectations but I was delighted to see a huge change in less than a month. It took a couple of weeks to transition from the old food to the new food and to finish the medication for controlling the allergies.. He stopped having allergy issues and his energy was new and wonderful. He acted so much like when he was a puppy. The vet was amazed. This precious dog lived to be 16 and never had a return of his allergies. You might want to try another food….

  12. Happy Birthday to Ruby! I know for sure our dogs are a big part of our family, it seems it’s always been that way. We have 3 Boxers that are each characters in there own ways. Candy Cane my 1st Boxer is 13 already! She lost her right front leg to cancer 6 years ago but it didn’t slow her down at all but age is sneaking up on her. Lukie had a vet appointment yesterday for a growth on his front for that has started to bleed so Tuesday he’ll be getting biopsies done, it’s costly but they are so worth it. So happy Ruby’s allergy medicine is working. Love how they snuggle into beds with us.

  13. My dogs are such good companions. They also keep me active as they are young, energetic dogs that need plenty of exercise. I am never without a dog, and I’m sure that will be true for you as well.

  14. Your dog is so endearing! I have a white terrier-mix and she got terrible skin allergies. A few months back, she got an injection of a new type of medication called “Cytopoint”. It has worked wonderfully, and so far I only needed that one injection. (fingers crossed).
    You are blessed to have such good helpers living nearby!

  15. Jeanie S, sw Illinois

    I love hearing about Ruby. How wonderful she is such a great companion for you. One of my favorite pictures from your blog is when Ruby has another litter of Beanie Baby puppies–cracks me up!

  16. Judith Fairchild

    Oh the fun and comfort of having a dog to talk to. When I 1st got started seriously quilting I had a little chiuawa (ack spelled wrong) anyway she would climb up on my lap then on the sewing machine table curl up there while I sewed and nap. She was so much fun. I know Ruby is a comfortable companion. Enjoy!

  17. My Beagle, Apple, has been gone for three years. We have been looking for a rescue puppy to be my service dog but her been unsuccessful. They are extremely rare coming into our shelter and gone before I can get there We tried to adopt the last one a two year old fur buddy but he was released to a rescue rather than giving him a permanent home. Go figure. We have contacted rescues but they seem to only have mixed who do not look like Beagles.

    Recently I lost a service Boxer mix when a neighbor s pack killed him on our property. They are gone after we pressed charges. Tank was such a wonderful rescue. Both he and Apple went EVERYWHERE with me. I am 67 so this will probably be my last furbuddy. That’s why I want a Beagle. I miss those ears!

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