Ruby Report

For the last couple weeks Ruby has been been pretty itchy.  I didn’t think a lot about it as she goes in streaks.  I had just tried a new shampoo the last time she got a bath and half wondered it that might be the problem.  I bathed her again…not any better….Then the day before surgery it got worse.  I  told Kelli to keep an eye on her as Kelli “volunteered” to watch Ruby while I was at the hospital.

I write “volunteered” because anyone who watches Ruby besides me is never a “volunteer”.  I say this because Ruby simply isn’t a very fun dog to care for if I’m not around.  Even if I am gone getting groceries and Hubby is alone with Ruby, she paces, watches the door, whines and does a whole impatient annoying routine of wanting me until I am home.


The funny thing is that once I’m home, she just goes and lays on the couch.  She doesn’t run up and jump on me or anything.  She just wants me here.If no one is home with Ruby and she’s alone, I don’t think there’s a problem though.  No one has said she barks or anything like that.  It’s just a problem if there is a human with her.

Ruby also hates the car.  Try as we might, riding in the car has never been something she does.  She gets herself so worked up that she sheds horribly.

So the surgery plan for Ruby care was that Kelli would pick up Ruby late Wednesday night…Betsy too…as Kalissa and Craig would both be gone working for 12 hours and that’s too long for Betsy on her own.

Ruby was her usual anxious self…pacing, whining and all but worse, she was super itchy.  So itchy that Kelli was really worried.  By the time surgery was over, I was home and Kelli returned Ruby on Friday, Ruby had scratched and scratched at her ears so much that there were bloody spots both inside and outside her ears…poor girl.  Kelli was upset thinking she didn’t take care of Ruby.

When I saw her I asked Kelli if she would try to get her into the vet.  Well our regular vet is always full so we opted for a different vet who was able to get her in last minute.  It turns out Ruby had ear infection…she also got some steroid pills to help with the itching.

I feel so bad…Kelli feels so bad…we all feel bad that this happened to her just at the wrong time that we weren’t able to be a little more on top of it.  Thankfully Ruby is a very forgiving dog…and thankfully she forgets pretty easily.

Since my surgery she’s been more attentive than even…always at my feet…always wanting to know where I am.  She’s definitely attached to me…and taking care of me the best she knows how.  She’s such a good dog even when I’m not always the best to her.  The good news…no more itching at all!!  It seems we’ll both be good as new soon.

2 thoughts on “Ruby Report”

  1. So glad Ruby is ok, I have been wondering how she was with you having surgery and all, glad you both on on the right track now.

  2. So glad you both are on the mend!! Ruby sounds like my daughter’s cat (he is more of a dog in his behaviors), except he displays his displeasure with using her bed (or suitcase) instead of his cat box…and shed like he was trying to go bald! Would something like the Thunder Shirt help her?

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