Look what came up on my Facebook feed!  It’s a picture of when we first brought Ruby home…oh my, what a little whining puppy she was.


I remember after a week of her living with us, she was pretty much house trained and then it went terrible.  She started having accidents all the time.  It turns out she had a UTI.  That was start of the vet bills with her.

She was the cutest puppy….She was much more black than she is now.

Hubby sleeps like this all the time.  Ruby always snuggles up to him when he does.

Ruby has put us through a lot of worry and expense….She had her spay and two surgeries besides that.  One was for when a  3″ section of her intestine was removed and then the intestine was stitched back together.  Another was for when they thought it had happened again.


We also had her to the vet for stitches….

She sure has made us worry.


She’s been a good companion to Betsy, Kalissa’s dog.

She’s had all of us laughing from time to time.  I love this picture of her and Karl….


Do you remember when the construction workers were putting up bins at the farm and one of them did this to her?  Read about that here if you missed it.  I was so angry!!


I’ve spent LOTS of time with Ruby and so have the childcare kids…

She’s so good at dress up…

She’s birthed over 50 “liters” of “puppies” (beanie babies)!childcare-6-6
When our previous beagle died, I was so sure I would never have the companion in Ruby that I had in Gracie.  I was wrong.  Getting Ruby as young pup and going through all of the ups and downs with her has really bonded us.  Now that she’s five, she isn’t as quite as active as she used to be…but that’s okay too.  I’m not as active as I used to be either!!

I wouldn’t trade her for the world…I could live without the dog hair but other than that…no complaints at all!


The poor girl is on a bit of a diet though.  It seems the last year since my foot surgery has been rough on her.  We don’t walk every day like we used too…3 times a week now but, that cut from everyday walking is enough to make her have gained some weight.  She doesn’t like her diet plan a bit.  She’s complains about it regularly  by picking up and dropping her bowl.  Hopefully she’ll get used to it soon.

Getting Ruby was just what we needed to heal us after Gracie’s death….I couldn’t be happier that she’s here with us.

I told you last week that Ruby was having some health issues.  They continue.  She is still tilting her head.  She has “asthma” attacks and does a weird breathing thing.  Over the weekend she had two accidents and threw up twice.  I am definitely worried about her.  Nothing can be done until we get her thyroid levels up.  She has an appointment on the 14th.  Hopefully we will know more then.

Whatever the results, we’re going to love on her as long as we can.


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  1. Betty from Canada

    Ruby looks better. Maybe she was depressed because of all the extra activity going on and she didn’t understand what was going on.

  2. Keeping Ruby in my prayers. I don’t think there’s another breed of dog that loves food as much as a beagle! You know we lost our beagle a year ago and we got a terrier mix rescue dog. He could care less about his kibble. After 25 years of beagles, I always think he’s sick!

  3. Love the pictures of Ruby, especially with hubby and Karl. I’ve had a couple of dogs who had weight issues and the vet told me to give them green beans to fill them up. They re relatively low in calories and it did work because the dogs loved them. Hope Ruby is OK. Our pets become such a big part of our families.

  4. Sure hope Ruby feels better soon. Could the throwing up be a mild side effect of the pills? Only a week ’til the 14th. Hope you get answers then.

  5. That picture of Ruby with your husband reminded of my dad and the puppy that my boyfriend gave my parents. My parents worked different shifts and the puppy would sleep with my dad. Their heads would be side by side on the pillow. That dog really loved my dad. Thanks for sharing and bringing back memories.

  6. Melissa Raddetz

    Is it possible that the asthma/weird breathing could be reverse sneezing? Here’s a couple of links with videos that show dogs reverse sneezing. They do it for lots of reasons but one can be stress – and not feeling well can be very stressful.

    It’s harmless, other than frightening to us and our dogs, but it can be a reminder to slow things down and maybe find them a quiet corner to relax. Also as dogs grow older their tolerance for chaos, commotion, noise and excitement can diminish. It causes them more distress than when they were younger. If it is reverse sneezing you can watch and monitor when it occurs – she may just need a moment’s break from the daycare kids.

    Melissa Raddetz

  7. Prays for little Ruby. She is such a sweet dog. The picture of her with the Ty puppies is just so cute. Maybe because of the new diet, her stomach is relatively empty, my doggies will to that now and then, and I immediately give them something to eat. Here’s an article on that:
    Her accidents may be because she has another UTI or maybe because she is upset because she has not adjusted to the new diet. I so hope and pray that she will be back to good health soon. I have two doggies and they are my faithful companions so I know how your heart is hurting right now. God Bless and prayers coming your way.

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