Rosie Report: It’s Her Birthday!!

This was supposed to post last night.  I’ve been having a little trouble with my scheduled posts going live.  I’ll talk to Kayla about it over the weekend.  But on to the birthday post…

Little Miss Rosie is celebrating a birthday today!  Can you believe she is ONE?
We aren’t big into celebrating do birthdays…we hardly celebrate people birthdays around here but it is a great time to take note and look back on when I got her and how far she’s come.

Rosie came into my life at Christmas time last year.  These were the pictures of her when we first found out about her.  I know they are tiny but it’s all we have.  Originally the owner had named her Nelly.

She came to our house on December 23rd….just a day or so after Ruby, our beloved beagle died.

Rosie has been a big handful and I know some people would have given up on her by now.  In fact, I had a blog reader wonder why I hadn’t.

Rosie has faults…the bathroom thing still isn’t all good.  Better and perfect most days..but no always.

In fact, she had some labs that are being run on her as of your reading this.

Last week she was back at the vet…

She has had some accidents again and she has excessively been drinking water.

I got a urine sample from her expecting she had a UTI again.  After pouring it into a jar, I noticed it was VERY clear.  It was hard to tell it wasn’t regular water.  That had me concerned.

Thursday was our appointment day…After some blood work and some exam time, we still don’t have a clear picture of her.  No UTI though.   So..some samples went off to a larger lab hoping they might come to some conclusion.  The blood sugar test came back slightly elevated but not enough to worry about diabetes which is something I thought of.  We’re mostly checking for kidney function right now and better tests can be done at bigger labs.

The vet and I were laughing and commented on how I get all the beagles with all of the problems.  Seriously, I do.  Our vet, who we love, even said that my beagles had taught her about a lot of things that aren’t classic vet issues.  I wish it weren’t so, but Gracie had problems with a large tumor on her kidney and had to be put to sleep.  Ruby had her troubles and had to be put to sleep.  I’ve yet to have a dog that lives past seven. I sure hope we can figure out what’s up with Rosie.

In the meantime, we wait and love on her.  Of course, in true dog form, she’s been better in the days since we’ve been to the vet.  She’s as bad as a kid.  Remember the days taking a kid to the doctor sure they were so sick and then once they got in the doctor’s office they were magically better.  That’s Rosie now.

She is not a perfect dog but she sure does love me.  She came into my life when I needed some TLC and she sure has provided it.  If I’m at the computer, she’s laying in her dog bed by me…or playing near me.  If I’m upstairs sewing she’s often at my feet or on the dog bed in the sewing room.  If I’m stitching, she’s laying on the couch by me.  If I take a shower, she lays on the rug in the bathroom.  If I go outside without her, she’s at the window and watches me.  She is totally a companion dog.  I would say 95% of her day she is within 6′ from me.  She’s not underfoot, she’s just being a companion.  As much trouble and vet bills that she’s been, she’s totally worth it.

So happy birthday little girl.  Let’s hope this next year requires fewer trips to the vet.  That would be the best present for us both.

23 thoughts on “Rosie Report: It’s Her Birthday!!”

  1. Happy Birthday Rosie! You got the perfect patient dog Mama to help you be your best. I commend you Jo. It’s not at all easy with animals.

  2. Hopefully nothing serious going on. Just like with a young child, sometimes wish my dog could speak to me in ways I understand. What are they thinking, what is hurting, etc. I have a little dog that likes to be near me as well. Today after I left for my volunteer job this morning, my husband said he heard howling, and it was him, which is so unusual since he hardly ever barks. Dogs are dear to our hearts, and they are family members. I hope you have a long life with Rosie.

  3. some of the animals we had kept me company in my office by using the bottom of the offce chair as their pillow. could not imagine it was comfortable but they never could be coaxed inti a pillow.

    Happy day rosie.

  4. Can you get pet insurance? A friend and cousins have it for their pets and speak highly even though it’s an added expense

  5. Our pets are gifts from God to help us through the ups and downs of life. Yes, they require us to be responsible, compassionate caregivers. Yes, sometimes there are accidents, messes, fur all over. But I cannot imagine life without a pet. The unconditional love they give is a gift to value. I’m so glad you have been blessed with Rosie! Happy Birthday, sweet Rosie!

  6. Happy birthday Rosie you are a very lucky girl to have such a loving and caring Mom. I hope your doctor is able to get to the bottom of your problem quickly so that you and Mom can enjoy every day without having any accidents.

  7. Has your vet explored thyroid problems? Our kids dogs had Cushings and Addisons disease and had similar urinary problems. My daughter had a beagle that was a real handful and not your normal sweet beagle. Hope Miss Rosie’s situation is sorted soon.

  8. I am wondering why your grammar check thing didn’t catch the “lays” which should be “lies” and “laying” which should be “lying.” This is a common mistake people make. Chickens lay eggs, people and animals “lie” down. I thought your grammar check would have caught this but maybe it’s become acceptable as so many changes have.
    My best to you and to Rosie. It is sad when our pets have health issues but so many advances in animal care helps them live quite a bit longer than they used to, which is a blessing. Happy Birthday Rosie! Wishes for many more happy days for you.

  9. Happy Birthday Rosie! I’m so sorry something is going on with her health. I hope you can get to the bottom of it and it’s nothing serious. My son’s beagle was drinking a lot of water, panting and a few other things. He has Cushings disease. I understand why you still have her…you love her!

  10. Oh, happy birthday, Miss Rosie! She is certainly in the right place. I always feel that we love all of our dogs (and cats) dearly, but some of them seem to have arrived at a specific time to fill a specific need. I have just such a dog now, our Leo, who was the answer to a prayer I didn’t know I was saying. As naughty as he is–VERY–he helped me get through a lot of grieving and he is devoted to me. Rumor has it, I’m rather devoted to him as well. It doesn’t matter if other people understand.

  11. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Happy Birthday, Rosie!! I hope she lives as long and as happily as the Beagle I grew up with – she made it to 16!!

  12. A Big Happy Birthday, Rosie. You are so sweet and cute. And a wonderful shadow, companion and love for Jo. Keep on having a good life with Jo.

  13. Happy Birthday Rosey! Jo I am so glad you have a Companion pup. Dog love us unconditionally which is the best kind of love!

  14. Happy Birthday, sweet Rosie! Keeping you in prayer!
    Our dog is also like that. She loves to be near us and misses us terribly when we are gone!
    Love and prayers

  15. Jo have the vet check for Cushing disease in your Rosie. Our Bassett hound had all of your same symptoms excessive drinking and urinating constantly, accidents in the house and he never did that in his entire life. He was diagnosed in 2018 and has a prescription he takes daily and he gets new labs every year. I hope they can find out what is wrong with your girl.

  16. Happy birthday, Rosie. You are such a pretty girl. Jo, I hope she doesn’t have Addison’s disease, it took forever for the vets to figure it out. I wish we had insurance, we have spent a lot of money, but we love her and she is good. Take care, Jo.

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