Rosie Report

Life with Rosie is getting a little better.  I can at least say that now we have a more happy moments than frustrating moments but don’t let that little cutie fool you.  There are still plenty frustrating moments.  Like this one….

She dug up my planter.  UGH.

Remember that cute little toy a blog reader sent?

Well 15 minutes after I gave it to her, it looked like this. Yep.  She discovered there was a squeaker in it and that was the end of Mr. Penguin.   Well not really.  I stuffed the stuffing back in and sewed it shut.  She hasn’t destroyed him again…yet might be a better word as I totally don’t trust her not to destroy him again.

House training has gone better but there are a few exceptions to that.  If I go in the bathroom and shut the door so that she can’t come in, she will pee outside the bathroom door.  Not every time…but most times.  So, I got in a habit now of every time I let her outside, I go and use the bathroom myself.  Shutting the door while I’m in the bathroom is such a habit that I don’t think about it!

Well the other day I hopped in the shower and came out and she peed on the rug outside the shower.  I thought is was a fluke but then she did it again the next time.  Oh my Rosie.

Other than that, she’s done good for the most part on the house training front. I’m looking at it all as tolerable.  Especially when she has moments like the one in the picture below.  She’s just so cute.

I do have one more Rosie to tell….I’m betting this one will give you a giggle.

I was in the sewing room.  I looked at the clock and it was 4:45 pm.  I have a friend that Rosie and I regularly walk with at 5pm.  I quick shut off the lights and ran down the stairs to get ready.  I was wearing my slippers so I popped them off and put on my walking shoes.  After I did, I noticed moisture on my fingers.  I had just taken a drink of water so didn’t think anything of it.

We went and walked.  I came back and then spent a little time outside.  I came in ate supper and then went to put my slippers back on.  The bottom of one of my slippers had dog poop all over it.  UGH.  I was peeved.  She hadn’t had a poop accident in a long time….and now I had to clean my slippers.  Thankfully I have THESE (which I love) and they are machine washable.

So off I went on a poop hunt.  My assumption was that the poop was upstairs and I stepped in it coming down the steps.  I was right…boy was I ever right.

There was poop smears on my stairs.  Every other step had a poop smear on it.  I came down the steps with alternating feet so every other step had poop.  UGH.

I got to the top of the stair and there was the poop.  UGH.  I was frustrated by now.  I got the poop all cleaned, wondered to myself “why did you get another dog” and got to sewing.

Karl ended up coming upstairs and we chatted then I asked him to help with something.  He sat on the floor to do it.  He finished and then said, “I think there’s dog poop on my sock.”  I was immediately frustrated.  How could she have pooped again!!?!?!?

Karl and I both walked the hallway looking for the poop…we didn’t see any.  Then as we were walking back to the sewing room, there is was.  The turd was about 6″ from where the original turd was that I stepped in.  The turd was part of the first turd problem I had.  The turd was the same color as the carpet and I didn’t see it when I cleaned up the other mess.

I got another problem solved with Rosie.  She was peeing in her kennel in the morning.  She has a kennel in our bedroom.  She was sleeping in it.  I’d wake up, go to the bathroom and then let her out.  I’d come and she would have a peed in the kennel.

I started having her sleep in the downstairs kennel.  At first I did it because it was closer to the laundry and easier to get the bedding laundered.  Well I woke the next morning, came downstairs and the kennel was dry.  I didn’t it the next night.  Again, the kennel was dry.  The next, dry again.

We started that about the time Covid started.  She has had one accident in her kennel since.  Before she had accidents at least 4 times a week in her kennel.

This day, she brought me my walking shoes…I took that as a sign she wanted to walk.  So I walked her.

Oh Rosie…It’s a good thing you’re cute and and have a few redeeming qualities…you know how to snuggle on the couch.  You’re super sweet to Georgia and you keep me company.  In the end, it’s all worth it… Rosie is still giving me some grief but little by little it’s getting better.  I’m really looking forward to about six months from now when the mischievous moments are

UPDATE:  I wrote this last week and scheduled this to post today.  Rosie started having accidents again.  I’m wondering if she has a UTI so today I collected a sample and to the vet I went.  UGH.  Never a dull moment with Rosebud.

12 thoughts on “Rosie Report”

  1. Yes, I agree. Whenever the puppy does something irritating (chewing up toys, peeing, pooping, in the house) , it can be frustrating. But then in a little while, the puppy just does something so sweet. Kind of like little kids.

  2. Oh my, your Rosie could possibly be my Lucy’s “evil” sister. My Lucy gave me a run for my money early on; I had my little Peek for 17 years and after having to put her down, swore there would be no more dogs in my life and along came Lucy. She is a Corgie/Dashound mix and is a chewer, no toys are sacred in my house. Lucy also had Pee issues early on and has ended up on a urinary food for probably life. She is now 3 and there have been no accidents so the cost of the food is worth the amount of laundry having to be done. I am sure Rosie will come around, the vet told me that until Lucy was 2 she would be a puppy problem and she was. I really enjoy her now, she is not much of a snuggler except in bed where at 20 pounds she takes up 1/2 of a queen size bed.

  3. I so love your shirt quilt… As my 4 yr old has an allergy problem and that is when Minni seems to have her accidents and need to get shots from the vet. Don’t know if Rosie could be the same? Hopefully these little problems take your mind off of the other things you are facing.

  4. Rosie certainly is a handful but I’m not sure she is to blame for digging in the planter. That looks like a squirrel’s work especially since a red flower was dug out. I’ve had 2 of my planters invaded this past week, both have red flowers in them. Last year I had 1 red zinnia in with orange & yellow zinnias. Every day the red one was dug out until I put a chicken wire ‘fence’ around the planter. Guess they don’t like red flowers!

  5. LaNan Eldridge

    I did chuckle! Our Stanley has some of the same escapades! I have hopes too. He’ll be a year old in a couple of weeks.

  6. Lisa in eastern Washington state

    Yikes, I don’t know how you put up with Rosie….I don’t care how cute she is. She’d have been gone down the road a long time ago if she was my pet. You really have the patience of Job!

    1. Lisa Pets are family to me. I will search and hunt for a way to help Rosie and if I can’t find a solution, I will love her just the way she is. Rosie was a lifetime choice for me. If it comes to the point she is in pain…then I’ll make the hard choices, until then, she’s mine, flaws and all. She accepts me the exact same way.

  7. I agree that maybe a squirrel dug out the plants. I have trouble with squirrels ruining my planters in the front porch. They also rip up the covers on my outdoor furniture. I guess I need an exterminator. Rosie us such a cutie.

  8. It sounds like Rosie is a very smart girl, as she seems to have figured out exactly what the bathroom is for. Maybe she wants to be toilet trained! ; ) I’m always surprised when I see dogs that don’t shred the toys that have squeakers, I have had Bull Terriers that have had that need to kill the squeakers. I bought a toy made out of firehose with squeakers in it that was the best and longest lasting toy for them. You might want to try one of those with Rosie. You would get your money’s worth and not have to clean up destroyed toys too often.

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