Roses for ME!!

Yesterday we had some wonderful news for our family…Sadly, I can’t share it quite yet.  Let’s just say, the girls and I just doubled our work load all in a good way.

To celebrate, Kalissa went to the green house to get me some roses.  Well we’re  a yellow roses family and finding yellow roses in our small area towns doesn’t always happen.

The florist appoligized to Kalissa saying that she had two left but they weren’t the quality she felt she could sell.  Kalissa said it was fine.  Well the florist ended up packing them up and didn’t charge her for the flowers even though Kalissa insisted that it was fine and she’d pay.


So here I am with my “free” roses from Kalissa.  It was a fun story that I just had to share.  I do want to say kudos to the new floral shop in Calmar, Iowa, you gained some new customers.

And to you Kalissa..the roses were so appreciated.  It gave me a little reminder that my mom, who passed away when I was 24, would have loved the news too!!

12 thoughts on “Roses for ME!!”

  1. Jo, you are such a tease! Can’t wait to hear your good news. Yellow roses were my Mom’s favorite too. They are very special.

  2. Thank you so much! She came during my Open House and I felt so bad for not having better roses, but I am glad I had her favorite color! Remember us for Valentine’s Day ~ we will be having the rainbow roses then! And they are gorgeous!! Audrey at The Flower Pot

  3. Its wonderful to see you all so excited – looking forward to hearing the “good news” and good luck. The roses look just fine! :-)

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