Roll, Roll, Cotton Ball…what I’m working on…

Over the weekend, I finished clue one of Bonnie’s Hunter’s online mystery quilt, Roll, Roll, Cotton Ball.


If you are interested in joining the group who is sewing the mystery, please know, EVERYONE is welcome.  Here’s a link to the first clue from Bonnie’s blog.   The first step is easy so you have time to sew along and won’t be left out.  My quilt will be poison green, pinks, browns, and creams…I am hoping the browns and creams tone down these wild greens.

I did Bonnie’s last year’s mystery, Carolina Christmas….It was a fun quilt and the quilt is a family favorite.  Here’s a link to see it.  Bonnie plans to only keep the quilt instructions up for about 6 months so if you are hoping to do the mystery later, take time to save the instructions.

12 thoughts on “Roll, Roll, Cotton Ball…what I’m working on…”

  1. I love your colors! Browns and creams will compliment nicely with what you have! I might have to join in this! I keep seeing posts all over blogland regarding how fun it is. You are right time is the key! I love your Carolina Christmas! Just gorgeous!

  2. Love your pinks and greens. I really wanted to do Bonnie’s mystery, but I don’t have enough scrappy browns and creams. I do the pink and greens. I may have to just wing it and use yardage for those two colors.

  3. There’s are a few Alco stores not too far from my house, including one just minutes away from my dad’s house. I’m definitely going to have to check to see if any of them have fabric. I’ve always made quilts from fabrics bought especially for that quilt … so I have very little stash. At those prices, I’ll be able to amass a bit of a stash! Yay!! Thanks for the heads up!

    Oh, and BTW, your step one pieces are lovely!

  4. I think they are fantastic! Love them…seeing what others have chosen is such a help to me….I usually am pretty good at pulling colors but seem to “freeze” when it comes to a mystery. Thanks!

  5. Looking good so far! I pulled fabrics for Bonnie’s mystery but resisted the urge to jump in just yet, in favor of finishing some other things, but have downloaded the clue. Pink is the hardest color for me–I have none in my stash so will have to shop. Boo hoo.

  6. I like your Clue #1. I’m playing along too with similar colors. Didn’t feel too comfortable straying away from BH suggestions. Bring on Clue #2. Happy Thanksgiving.

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