Roll Roll Cotton Ball…Finished!

Let me start by saying…I LOVE this quilt.


I have absolutely no plans to give it away.  I like the pattern…I like the colors…I like the quilting…all of it…I like it.

I initially wasn’t excited about the string piecing….I initially wasn’t excited about the 600 half square triangles…in fact I had vowed not to string piece again.

When I put the blocks together there was so much “give” in the string pieced blocks.  I felt like I couldn’t get the quilt to lay as straight as it should….I just didn’t feel good about it.  Then I put the quilt on the quilting machine frame and it seemed to lay better.


I debated on a quilting design and finally decided on loopy circles that loop inside each other.  It reminds me a rolling cotton ball.  I used a variegated thread by Auriful that is red and cream.  I really like it.

The quilting was filled with drama….I ran out of thread, didn’t know where I bought it at and finally found some on line.  When I put the new spool on, the machine totally started acting up.  I would stitch five inches and the thread was breaking.  After a couple hours of trying, I read through the manual AGAIN!  There was a short sentence that said, “Slow the machine down if you are stippling.”  I tried it and it worked.  I put the control on the machine in the middle and put the control on the switch in the middle.  It worked for the rest of the way through the quilt with no thread breakage.


I forgot to take a picture of the backing…it’s a pink fabric from my stash…one that I bought off the clearance rack for $4 a yard.  It still amazes me how all those different colors of neutral fabric can come together and look so good. I used up SO many fabrics that I no longer cared for in this quilt.  I didn’t take a good photo of the border either…the border totally sets the quilt.

If you are thinking of making this quilt the pattern is still available and will be for a bit on Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltville site.   I know at some point the pattern is going to be removed so get it quick.  I ended up ordering Bonnie’s new Scraps and Shirttails II book….I’ll review that for you soon.  I’ll give you a hint of my opinion on the book….it’s making me rethink the whole half square triangle string piecing….

I am SO happy I made this quilt.  I always get nervous committing to a big on line project but this one was definitely worth it!

23 thoughts on “Roll Roll Cotton Ball…Finished!”

  1. Love you quilts and the colors……but really love that beauitful bed. Is it something that has been in your family for many years? Both are definitely keepsakes. Enjoy!

  2. It’s wonderful to see your version of this quilt. I have the blocks finished and waiting for me to do the string blocks. I love this one too and plan to keep it. Your quilting looks great!

  3. Wonderful Jo – I am making progress slowly … LOL

    I hated the string blocks till they started to play with the other blocks!

  4. Purty, purty, pur-ty!! You like the colors and the quilting and I love it on that bed! It looks so at home. You are going to make a lot of people want to jump in on this one (including me)!

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