Rob Peter to Pay Paul…Pincushion

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I decided to give you a little tutorial showing something you could make with the die that is quick and easy…a pincushion.

To start out, you will need 8 of the narrow curved “Paul” pieces.


Take two pieces and place them right sides together.  Sew along the STRAIGHT edge.  You need four sets.


Now take two to those pieces.  Place them right sides together and sew along the curved edge.  You will need two sets.


Take your two pieces and place them right sides together matching the notches.  Sew all the way around the piece leaving an inch opening so that it can be turned right side out.


Turn right side out.  Fill with sand and them stitch the opening shut.


Take a button along with a needle and thread and sew through the center top down through the center bottom pulling the thread tightly to make an indent for the button to set in.  Sew back and forth through the center a couple times to keep it secure.  Attach the button and you have your pincushion.


It’s a super quick and really easy project if you need a quick gift for a quilting buddy.

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119 thoughts on “Rob Peter to Pay Paul…Pincushion”

  1. Great tutorial! I think I could make a pincushion!! I was at a quilting retreat-and the quilt to make had curved seams! Yikes!

  2. No, I have never attempted a curved seam quilt. Every article out there about them, I have read but yet to put blade to cloth.

    You are so incredibly talented !

  3. I HAVE made curved seams, and I just tried a drunkards path block using my GO! The notches make sewing the curved edges so much easier, and it’s a relief not to have to cut those pieces using a template and a rotary cutter. I would LOVE to try this pincushion.

  4. That was a great tutorial. I have never made a quilt with curved seams. The only things I ever made with a curved seam is clothing. That pincushion is so very cute and easy. Thanks.

  5. Thanks for the tutorial. Curved seams, NEVER, they scare me :) I even have fears of tumblers, LOL. Thanks for the chance

  6. What a BEAUTIFUL first quilt and second quilt and so on… You are one talented woman, my hat is off to you. Yes I to made many drunkards path blocks out of Batik fabric. I haven’t put them together yet, it’s only been 4years I’ll get to it eventually. ;>

  7. I have made a few drunkard’s path quilts. It is one of my favorites. This die is on my list of dies to buy but it would be fabulous to win it. :) The pin cushion is fun……could also be stuffed with polyfill for a baby toy.

  8. No, I have never made a quilt with a curved seams as it looked it was something beyond my skill level. Perhaps it I were to win the die, I would give it a try because I would have a great start with an accurate cut!

  9. I’ve never made a curved seam quilt, but I am currently working on a Drunkard’s Path, thanks to my Go! Cutter! Amazingly, curved seams are not as difficult as they appear…… ;-)

  10. I have not yet made a curved seam but I have the Dunkards Path Die that I am gathering my fabric to make a quilt using two colors. Getting very excited to start that project but making myself finish the project I am working on before I start a new one.

  11. No, I haven’t made a quilt with a curved seam. It looked like something beyond my skill level, but with an accurately cut beginning I would give it a try. I would like to make a soft ball for my grandson.

  12. Thanks for the tute. Sometimes things look so easy. I have only tried curved seams in quilting while trying to make a Drunkard’s path block. It was a disaster. I just got a Baby GO! and I love it. I have not had it a week yet and I have cut and cut and cut. I’d love to add this die to my collection! Thanks for the chance.

  13. Judy D in upstate NY

    I remember trying to get those sleeves just right when I made clothes! I haven’t tried curved seams since. Would love to try it now that I see how easily it looks. Really enjoy your blog.

  14. Veerle Witdouck

    Hello Jo! What a lovely blog you have. I have never made a curved seam quilt. If I win, I promise you, I will make one immediately :)
    Thanks for the give away. Veerle

  15. cynthia meredith

    I love curved patches! The precision cuts from the Go! Baby would make them much easier. Thanks for the tutorial–a great project!

  16. I’ve done a dresden block in a wallhanging. It was my first time quilting and I did it all by hand. It also had an applique flower block.

  17. I am now addicted to curved seams because of the drunkard’s path die from Accuquilt! They make it so easy with the little notch in there to match as you get half way around the curve. Would love to win the die to try out a new curved pattern.

  18. I’ve never tried a curved seam; still working on the elusive scant 1/4″ seam! Do you always press your seams open or just for curved seams? Thanks for the chance at the die.

  19. My first curved seamed quilt was the Double Wedding Ring I started in 1989 — trace a cardboard template and cut out with scissors. I did finally get it pieced — but only after I stepped up my game and had acrylic templates made. I got smarter though when I did my sisters quilt — I bought the Drunkard’s Path die — even though I don’t have a Go! (borrowed it from a friend). Made it so much easiser to put together. Nothing beats accurate cutting to make accurate sewing easier.

  20. Yikes!! Have never tried curved seams…they scare me, but with these templates it looks easy. Great tutorial…love pincushions, I think I could make the pincushion. I like the added button on top!

  21. Paula Portanova

    Thanks for the idea if you cut the apple core you also get a piece left over that looks like the 2 pieces you sewed together.

  22. I made a small wallhanging for work a couple of years ago. I told my co-worker that I didn’t do curves, but she had her heart set on circles, so I made a Drunkard’s Path arranged in circles. I liked it once it was done. I made my own templates out of cardboard. Ugh!

  23. I have been so afraid of this die, that making one of those quilts would be over my head… But I love the Pin cushion and that might be a good start.. I love the design of the quilt and I think I would take on the challenge

  24. I have never made a curved quilt but would like to try it. The pin cushion is cute and something I am going to make. Thanks for
    the giveaway and tutorial.

  25. yep, years ago I made a curved seam quilted wallhanging after taking a class with Judy Dales. It was quite a struggle but I finished it and it looked nice so I gave it to a friend with a new house.

  26. I did several years ago. I did the Robbing Peter to pay Paul but had to cut the pieces out by hand and that was a lot of work!!!

  27. I would love the Rob Peter to Pay Paul accuquilt die. I have made a drunkards path quilt and didn’t find the curves too difficult.
    Thank you for this opportunity. Love your blog,Marge

  28. I have made a quilt with curved seams. My first. It was a Jenny Haskins pattern called Aquamarine Ambiance. It was also my first venture into multi hooping embroidery. I never finished it because I decided that I did not like the colors. But I did immediately start and finish another one, which I love, of the same pattern. It took me 3 months . Great pincushion tutorial.

  29. Yes, I’ve done curved piecing before. I’ve made several Winding Ways quilts – most cut with templates, the last one with my GO! and it was so great to cut out my pieces in a couple hours instead of a couple of days. I’ve always loved anything with curved seams, and would love to win this die for my collection!

  30. No full quilts, I’ve only completed single blocks or projects like your pincushion, which happens to be one of my favorite style pincushion, BTW. Looks like a great die to have!

  31. The only curves i have done were double wedding ring. That was long before the accuquilt and cutting the pieces took for ever.

  32. I have not attempted a curved piece quilt, but would love to give it a whirl. I received by Go cutter as a retirement gift and am anxiously awaiting the completion of my quilt studio so I have the space to use it. We are building a path to the studio and are going to name it Drunkard’s Path!

  33. I have not made a curved piece quilt, but plan to make a Rob Peter to Pay Paul as my husband is Peter and my son is Paul. Everyone with a son knows they are always “borrowing” a tool for a project.

  34. No, I haven’t done a curved quilt……yet. This particular die…..Rob Peter to Pay Paul…is on my wish list, though. Love the possibilities this pattern offers. AND, pin cushions, too? That is a fun and personal gift. I thoroughly enjoy your videos. Keep going with your wonderful creativity.

  35. I love to do curved piecing, especially since getting the Drunkard’s Path die from Accuquilt. I have used the large one on three quilts and the small one for one quilt. The die cutting makes everything fit together so well that curved piecing is not hard at all.

  36. I love pincushions and would not have thought of using this block to make one. What a great idea! Every sewer loves a pincushion. What a versatile pattern! I have made a quilt using a curved pattern. It was called “Spools”. I used an old template and cut the blocks individually. I am very thankful to Accuquilt for designing the templates for some of the older patterns. Thank you for showing us the possibilities of how to use this pattern.

  37. I’ve done Drunkards Path with the Go. Works great! I really like your pincushion project as well as your blog. I read it most every day.

  38. Deborah in Atlanta

    No ma’am, I’ve never ever made a curved seam quilt. It looks too intimidating, but with this die, I could give it a try. At least that would help with the time-consuming part. Not to mention the accuracy. Can’t wait to see your article in accuQuilt newsletter. Ain’t you gettin’ too big for your fancy pants? Eeekkk! This is so exciting!

  39. I have never done curved seams but that pin cushion looks totally doable and is sooo cute! Thanks for the chance to win.

  40. I enjoy your blog and read it every day! Lots of good info. for “country living.” I have not sewn curves, but my husband just bought me the Accuquilt cutter for my b-day, so I am looking to expand my die collection. Thank you for the very kind give-away.

  41. I have not ventured in this yet. Very interesting to read of your experience and the neat applications. Thanks for the opportunity to try firsthand.

  42. I just love your blog. I have done a block or two with curves but thats it. I just love the pincushion. I hope I win so I can make some for Christmas presents.

  43. I love the pin cushion idea. That die is on my wish list. I have made a drunkard’s path quilt and a double wedding ring quilt. I have the large drunkard’s path die and plan on using it in the near future. I love reading your blog.

  44. Curves and I are w not good friends, but I have made one curved pieced quilt – it was a Drunkard’s Path which I slaved over for months. I finished it just in time to give to a friend who was dying of breast cancer. he used it for hospital visits and was buried with it. I am so pleased I finally got it done for her.
    I have an Accu Cut and would love to try this die – hopefully for a quilt with a happier purpose than my last one.

  45. Jo, I love the story of your mom giving you some “all by yourself time.” What a nice memory! :-) I still have that first quilt magazine, too, that was such a motivation. Whenever I clean out the magazine stash, that one gets to stay. I wonder how many of us got hooked this way?
    Your pin cushion is delightful – just where do you get these great ideas?! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity. Laura

  46. I have made one quilt with curves, a Drunkard’s Pathway. The cutting stressed me out. The next one I make I will use the Accuquilt die. I would love to win the Roy Peter to Pay Paul die. The pincushion is so cute.

  47. Yes, I have made a drunkards path quilt using curved seams. It was fun but challenging. Love your tutorial for the pincushion. Will have to try one for a birthday gift for a sewing buddy. I would also love to win the Accuquilt die. Thanks for your generosity.

  48. I’m still a newbie to quilting, but curves, circles….they LOOK scary! Maybe one day I’ll get brave enough.

    And by the way, I did finally finish reading ALL of your blog posts last week. Loved every one of them.

    Thank you!!!

  49. Laurel from Iowa

    I have sewn curved seams, but not for a quilt. I made chemo caps all last summer and fall to wear while waiting for my own hair to grow back. The pincushion looks like a fun project. Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  50. I really want that die! I love your pin cushion, too. If I had the die I would make one, but also want the quilt. It is such a cool design, and I know making it would be so easy with the GO! die! Thanks. I’m enjoying your blog.

  51. I have made a quilt with the Drunkards Path block, curves aren’t too difficult to do! Your pincushion is adorable. It would be fun to win, thanks for the chance!

  52. I haven’t made a whole quilt, but I have tried a couple of blocks with curved seams. Not sure I’m ready for a whole quilt based on those experiences LOL

  53. Never a curved quilt but I sewed curves on Beany Baby beanbag chairs for about 3 years every day, 4 to 8 hours a day. That’s a lot of curves. That pin cushion is darling!

  54. I just got my Accuquilt GO machine a few weeks ago, and it’s such a great tool, I wish all quilters could have one. It’s just a lot more fun now because I dislike the cutting part of quilt making. I hope I can win this die!

  55. Great idea for a pin cushion! I love it! I have done some curved piecing – the double wedding ring. But, I will never cut that out the old fashioned way ever again! I would love a chance to win the die :-D

  56. I have never yet made a quilt with curved pieces, y would I ?, I can’t even stitch straight, oh well maybe that would help, hmmm…

  57. Drunkard’s Path is one of my favorite to make. I have also stitched a curved paper pieced art quilt for a friend for a fabric company sample. Learned a lot about piecing curves. Would love to have the Rob Peter to Pay Paul die.

  58. I have made a curved seam, small, Drunkard’s Path before. I have always wanted to make a Robbing Peter to Pay Paul Quilt. I have the colors all picked out in my head!! Thanks for the chance to win the dies for it! :-)

  59. I have made a number of drunkard’s path blocks, but have never sewn them together to make a quilt top! Maybe some day….

  60. Cheryl Greenleaf

    OMG! You are fearless! I can bearly sew a (consistantly) straight seam let alone try curved seams – I’m having a panic attack just thinking about it. : P

  61. Hiya, I’ve never made a curved seam quilt. In fact, I’m a newbie quilter. Working on my first quilt, an English Paper Pieced hexagon quilt in cute Japanese taupe fabrics, all done completely by hand. Lots of fun!

    Would love to try to make one of those pin cushions one day!

  62. The only curved quilt seams I have made have been accidents. Although I make a lot of clothes and they have many, many curved seams. Hadn’t thought about those. Loved the pincushion. Must try. Thanks for the opportunity and the tutorial.

  63. I haven’t yet made a curved seem quilt, but I do like the pincushion you made from the die. Thank you for the how-to, and I will be watching for the post from the newsletter.

  64. I have recently made a Drunkards Path quilt using my Go! cutter. , altho I’m waiting for the backing fabric to arrive so I can quilt it.

    Robbing Peter to Pay Paul is one of the dies on my wish-list.

  65. The only curved quilt I have made is the double wedding ring….loved it. I would love to win this die.
    I also would like to say that I really love your blog…you have been so helpful with coming up with ideas. My favorite is the Dresden Plate Candle Mat. I don’t have that die yet but it is on the top of my list also.

  66. My second quilt was a king size spread made with the drunkard path blocks turned into turtles. No one told me curve pieces were hard so I didn’t find them that hard until later and smaller. I now own both sizes of the drunkard path die.

  67. I sewed curve seams for a paper pieced Japanese fan quilt. Larger blocks can do OK because the curve is more gradual – smaller ones are a challenge. The worst part is lining up the edges and centers so comes out “square” once sewn together.

  68. I have never made a curved seam quilt, but I’ve been looking at them in blog land lately. I’ve tried to hand piece a one curve block and am still trying.

  69. Robbing Peter to Pay Paul is my favorite pattern – I’ve never attempted it but was to excited to see it was a die for the Go! I did a BOM that had one block that was curved piecing and it came out OK…but there were problems with the accuracy of my pieces cut by template…

  70. Love your pincushion. Would love it in fall colors. Pumpkin maybe. I would like to try a drunkards path but have not gotten the nerve to do so. Maybe someday.

  71. I have made the blocks for a Drunkards Path but have not put them together for a quilt. Maybe I’ll use them for tote bags instead much more manageable size.

  72. Great tute! If I win, that will definately have to be my first project because I am afraid of curves! I love curves, but haven’t tackled any yet.

  73. I have not made a curved block quilt, but I did buy the Curve Master Presser Foot at a Quilt Show after seeing a demonstration and Rob Peter to Pay Paul would be the perfect die to use with it! I’ve always wanted the die. Keep up the great work, Jo. You’re my favorite Accuquilt quilter/blogger!

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