ROAD TRIP…Karl Style..Continued…

I told you, if you’re on a road trip with Karl, you are guaranteed to stop at bakeries, coffee shops and breweries.  Well in the earlier post I told you we stopped at a coffee shop and bakery…now I’m going to tell you about the brewery.  I’m not a gal who wants to sit at the brewery all day long but I love going with the right people and I love trying new things.

When Kramer and I first met, it was all I could do to choke down a beer.  I was in my early 20s and social drinking was a big part of our life but I new liked beer.  I just couldn’t do it.  So…I drank wine coolers and fruity kind of drinks.

While the kids were little, I rarely ever drank.  Social drinking went out the window and chasing the kids took over my life.  I was okay with that and didn’t miss drinking a bit.

Then the kids got older and social drinking came back into play.  Again, I couldn’t do beer…but slowly that started to change.  Then when the kids left the nest and we moved to our house here in town, beer started tasting a lot better.

Kramer…he was a beer drinker.  He loved beer.  Every night with supper he had two beers.  He was not an alcoholic.  He just liked two beers every night.  He jokingly would tease me that he “taught me to drink beer”….if it was him, it took a long time…about 30 years to finally acquire a taste for beer.

Now I actually very much like beer.  There’s rarely a day that I don’t have one after work.  Cider beer like Angry Orchard, is my favorite regular easily available beer.  It’s hard to believe but the other day Kalissa and I were talking and told her that I don’t drink to “have the beer” as much as I drink to have the flavor.  Seriously, beer has become my favorite “flavor” of something to drink.  Strange, I know, that I could go from not liking beer at all, to now it being my preferred flavor over even pop…so going to a brewery, well it’s something I thought I might enjoy…and I did.

First off, let me tell you about this place.  Their website says:
Our building was built in 1906 to be a gasoline engine factory. It was a sewing factory from 1910 – 2017! Everything in our taproom (besides the chairs and honed granite bar top) was found in the building when we bought it.”

…friends…not only did they make a brewery from a sewing factory, they kept the sewing as the restaurant theme.  Can you believe it?  Check out the logo.

I stole a few pictures from their Facebook page so you could learn a little more about the place.

In the photo above, it was the gasoline engine place…

Later in the next pictures it was a textile manufacturing place.

Can you imagine??
Here’s the inside later closer to the time in closed in 2017.
Here’s more what it looked like when the owners bought it….
And here is what it looks like today…
Karl decided that I need a flight or small glasses of several beers for tasting.  Karl was a great guy and just picked the ones he thought I might like.

Kayla was sad.  Pregnant plus alcohol is a no-no.
..but then she found out they had non-alcoholic beer.  That made her happier.

Karl and I got to our tasting….I enjoyed it.

We ordered food….they only have flatbread pizza and pretzels.  We ordered one of each and shared.  Both were very good.  I forgot to take pictures.

I did find it super cute that some of the beers had sewing themed names like the seam ripper.  Karl was sure I should try that.  I said, “no- no real quilter wants a seam ripper”.  Bahahahaha

I did snap a couple pictures of the inside.

Everything was so cute!

Notice the table legs.

Here’s a coat rack which came from the factory.  They kept it!

I tried to buy a sweatshirt (how could I not with that logo on it) but they didn’t have the style I wanted in my size…or color (I don’t buy white)…but I’ll be back again.  I really do want a sweatshirt..and their strawberry rhubarb beer was really good.

Karl is so cool putting up with his old foggie mom and pregnant sister (and Spencer too).  I really did have a good time.  It was the perfect birthday getaway for the day.

If you’re looking for more information you can find them HERE on Facebook or HERE on their website.

If you’re doing a day trip thing in the area of Dyersville (Field of Dreams in close) you’ll have to stop at Textile Brewing Company.  Even if you’re not a beer drinker, you have to see the inside…and the food was good.

12 thoughts on “ROAD TRIP…Karl Style..Continued…”

  1. This place looks so neat. I love that new businesses that take over buildings like this keep the theme of the old business.
    Glad you had a great birthday.
    Love and prayers

  2. Happy Birthday! Here’s hoping you have an extra special day on your birthday.

    Sounds like you and Karl and Kayla had a good time on your road trip. I love reading about your adventures with your children!

  3. I have put them on my list to stop and try next trip to Iowa and I really enjoy the trying all the new flavors in beer. What a fun stop and I’m so glad you shared with us all. Karl did well planning your birthday outing.

  4. Sounds like a fun place. Happy birthday! Just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful blog. I love that your writing is like visiting with a good friend. Have a great day!

  5. Happy birthday!!! Karl knows the way to a road trip. Have you tried the Brewer at Potosi, Wisconsin? They brew their own root beer in addition to real beer. I still have not learned to like beer, but the root beer is delicious. They have a full menu of food, too.

    I know there is a ferry somewhere in the vicinity because we’ve done it, but we weren’t in charge of the trip so I’m not sure just where.

    Have a wonderful day full of all the great things you deserve.

    Love and hugs

  6. Happy Birthday, Jo! I wouldn’t call you an old fogie at all! Far from it! Loved your day out and especially the Textile Brewery! I love how these private breweries are popping up in smaller towns all over. There’s one in our hometown in Scottsbluff, NE called Flyover Brewery (isn’t that cute!). They opened in the old downtown and did a nice remodel and it’s a great place to visit when we’re home.

  7. Sounds like a great birthday day with your family. Your life with beer sounds similar to mine. I never enjoyed the taste either and still don’t. Angry Orchard Hard Cider doesn’t taste like beer and I enjoy one occasionaly. I also enjoyed a Guinness or two in Ireland. Chinese beer is lower in alcohol than American beers and didn’t have the bitter hops taste. How does the Hard Cider affect your blood sugar levels? That is another reason I avoid beer.

  8. This is just awesome. What a great place for a party. I love the old pictures of the sewing factory. It makes quilting look like a breeze, compared to that.

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