Road Closed…to everyone!

Our summer has been an ongoing saga of road construction happening right out our window.  First they replaced the bridge near out house and now we are getting a new road.

The road construction is the talk of the town…more today than ever.

We are now “locked” in…at least we can’t leave down our driveway and go onto the road.  Instead, hubby and company rigged up a “road” for us.  We cross the creek, take a field path around the slew land, drive along the waterway, turn at the hay field, go the the woods, turn west along the woods, drive to the end of the field.  Now cross into the nieghbors field drive, then drive into the abandon farm site and down the driveway.  WOW…what a drive.

Our daughter had cheerleading practice after school tonight and called for a ride.  I timed in and it took 20 minutes from the time I left until the time I got home.  Keep in mind we actually only live one mile from school.

Our dog Gracie is completly out of her element today because we didn’t walk.  Partly because of the road construction and partly because I had to go into the doctor and have my toenail removed permanently this time.    We get to have access to the road again Friday afternoon.  I am hoping by then my toe will feel good enough to walk Gracie.

The bus isn’t able to be on the road so the kids have been making the long trek to school.  We don’t get mail so we have to pick up the mail at the post office.  Boy do we miss our conveniences but it is worth it…we REALLY needed a new road.

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