Rip or Throw?

So remember yesterday I was so excited that I had all the Wild Child blocks finished….well that was all good until I started sewing them together and discovered this….


Some of my blocks are turned the wrong way.  UGH.  I’ve been checking them out as I sew rows together and so far, I have nine that are wrong.  DANG.  If you look at the photo below the string pieced part of the block is suppose to go diagonally in the same direction if they are white or turquoise.  Some of mine don’t.

At this point I don’t know it there will be more but I do know that there are nine wrong…maybe more.  So what’s a girl to do?


My first reaction was that I’d rip them out while I sit with the little ones at nap time…

Then my next thought was…nine blocks.  That’s a good start on a baby quilt and goodness know I need another baby quilt.  Honestly, I know several pregnant gals that I’ll be needing to make a baby blanket for.  That does mean I’ll have to make more blocks for the original quilt too.

Hmmm.  I love making these blocks.  I long string piecing.  Well there it is.  I’ve decided.  A baby quilt and more block sewing is on my agenda.  Hopefully I can recover and get my replacement blocks sewn by next week’s UFO challenge check in.

12 thoughts on “Rip or Throw?”

  1. I doubt anyone would notice if you didn’t point it out. But if it bothers you, I think you have an excellent idea to use the nine blocks for a baby quilt and make some more. I would probably have to make new ones too!

  2. I may have well made the decision you did, if I had enough fabric. But my first thought was that the name of this piece is “Wild Child” after all, perhaps this one is a bit more wild than some others! ;^)

  3. I don’t know if you noticed, but in Bonnie”s original quilt, there was a wrong block too. Just one, but it was in there. Can you find it? So don’t feel too bad.

  4. I would just leave the blocks as is…. It will only add interest to the quilt! But you need to do what feels right to you!

  5. Your solution is a good recovery. However, if you left them in the quilt, it would add an element of quirkiness….wild child indeed! Beautiful blocks.

  6. I don’t mind discovering I’ve made ‘mistakes’ (happy little accidents) like this. I use those blocks for potholders, baby quilts or dog quilts, all of which are extremely popular with my crowd.

  7. Funny how something so simple can change THE WHOLE DEAL. You have great perseverance and I know we will see the new stuff before long.

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