RIP Meatloaf

Our family has a great love for the singer Meatloaf.  We were all so sad when we heard the news on Friday that he had passed away.  Kramer and I were both huge fans from our teen years and we passed that right down to our kids…There isn’t a kid of mine that doesn’t remember driving to church while listening to Meatloaf…or checking crops to Meatloaf singing…or doing pretty much anything with their dad with Meatloaf singing.

If we wanted to jump-start everyone into a good mood, all we needed to do is put on the Bat out of Hell tape and the whole family will be singing along.  It was that way at a recent wedding dance our family attended.  Put Meatloaf on we all go crazy.

Back in 2012 we heard that Meatloaf was coming to a local venue.  We were all excited and right at the top of the list of people in the family that were excited was Kalissa.

Here is the blog post I wrote after our concert:

Sunday night a portion of the family took off and went to see Meatloaf in concert at UNI’s McCloud Center.  Hubby and I have been Meatloaf fans for forever…our girls Kelli and Kalissa have been big fans too.  Our son Karl likes any and everything classic rock so we went to see Meatloaf.  Our daughter Kalissa is ESPECIALLY CRAZY for Meatloaf so she bought herself a VIP ticket, getting her a chance to meet and talk with him.

See Kalissa’s totally holey jeans.  Meatloaf asked her if her mom bought them for her.  She said no, she made me buy them myself.  He said, “You have a good Mom.”  cute..right?

We snapped a picture of us before we left the house.  Kalissa had Meatloaf sign it and hold it while a picture was taken so we could get a “family” picture with Meatloaf.

Kalissa got a great VIP treatment including pictures, time to talk, t-hirts and other fun goodies.  The best perk was a front row center seat.  The rest of us were a few seats further behind.

She got some great pictures….

The gal that sings with him was amazing…

I remember being 17 years old and having Meatloaf’s “Bat out of Hell” album.  I was hiding the album cover as I knew my mom wouldn’t think much of it.  I remember so vividly singing along and trying to write down the lyrics.  I never thought 30 years later I would have five kids, living in Iowa and taking my kiddos to the concert.  We had a fun time and it’s something I honestly will always remember.

We have such a WIDE taste of music in our family….one day we are at a Merle Haggard concert..the next Meatloaf.

Some people say when Buddy Holly died was the “day the music died”….for our family, I think it was Friday when Meatloaf died.  I’m so thankful that his music can live on and we can teach a new generation about our family favorite, Meatloaf.

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  1. Oh, jo! I was so sad hearing he passed away Friday. My favorite song of his was 2outof3 ain’t bad, then I would do anything for love ❤️. I am so glad you all got to see and Kalissa got to meet him. I loved him as Eddie in rocky horror picture show, would go every Saturday night to the midnight show for about 2 years. Sigh. He was a great guy. I also wept at mike nesmith’s passing, only one Monkee left now .

  2. Friday was a tough day for me. Why? Friday is my cleaning day and I always listen to Bat out of Hell album when I clean. My three year old grandson was over and I had to teach him Meat Loaf isn’t just something you eat. And he has learned how to run the record player. Fun times. I have the album, 8 track, casette, and CD of Bat out of Hell. They are items I’ve told my kids they can’t get rid of. I don’t think I have to worry about it, they are fans as well. They all three texted me Friday to see how I was! My niece and nephew checked in as well. Gotta love a family that checks in to see how I’m doing when a favorite musician dies!

  3. O think you would so enjpy the tribute Mike Huckabee posted on his website. They had a several years friendship and Meat Loaf;s last public appearance was on Mikes TBN show, He did sing and play for the show even though he was forced to be seated for his performance. It still had all the glitz and music associated with Meat Loaf. I think you and your family would really like seeing it.

    1. Brendalynne, I just found the Huckabbee website and listened to the linked interview with Meatloaf. That was quite interesting.

  4. I am sorry for your family’s loss and I guess many others too! I am going to see if I can listen to him because I never heard of him before Friday, Your family did some fun things together – many good memories.

  5. Wow, I have to admit I am not overly familiar with Meatloaf. I’ll have to check out his music. Sounds like you made some great memories that day. Only one Monkey left?! I always watched the TV show. And oddly enough, I was just wondering how many have passed away. Anyway, I hope you have a good night.

  6. Did you know that he had three daughters, and no matter where they lived, he coached girls softball? That just chokes me up…………. oh Meat………..

  7. I love Meat Loaf too. Such a talented singer/actor! For those who don’t know him…check out a live performance. I highly recommend, Paradise By The Dashboard Light. lol.

  8. I really liked Meatloaf also. About 12 years ago when we were still living in an apartment, the people upstairs would play some kind of thump, thump music and the bass would drive me crazy. When they would start their music I would put on my Bat Out Of Hell cd and blast it. By the time one song was over their music was shut off.
    I have always like different kinds of music. It started with The Monkees, Bobby Sherman and Donny Osmond. Then my parents had me listening to old country like Conway Twitty, Loretta Lynn and Marty Robbins. My friend and I went to a Marty Robbins concert at an outdoor venue and we got to stand right next to the stage. Between sets he signed autographs in a little booth and I also actually got a kiss. My friend took a picture for proof. My friend’s dad was a truck driver so we used to listen to a lot of truck driving songs when we were out riding around.

  9. Judith Fairchild

    It’s like losing a relative when you have known and liked someone for so long. Thankfully his music still lives.

  10. I loved him too. I remember having his CD sitting on my desk one day at work and my boss saw it, he was totally shocked a 50 year old woman was a Meatloaf fan. Two of my favorite singers died young: Jim Croce and Harry Chaplin. Both very popular during the early 70’s when you were a child. My children grew up hearing them with Meatloaf. Another favorite is Bob Seger who sings ‘Good ole Rock n Roll’. When people ask me what kind of music I prefer, I always say Rock n Roll even though I’m 76+.

  11. Your story runs parallel to mine including living in Iowa, checking crops but four kids here. My husband and I dated in high school in the 70″s and danced to Meatloaf at every prom and listened to him on the 8 track. My husband was sad and spent Friday evening listening to Meat Loaf. About 2 years ago, Dan Rather did a nice interview with Meat Loaf on Reelz TV.. It was a series Rather was doing on rock stars. We lost the recording and hope it will be running again.


  12. travel music was always meatloaf and moody blues.
    later abba and queen moved into the mix….
    we broke our kids into music the right way!!

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