Rice Chex Blueberry Dessert

It’s been a HOT June…Hot and rainy.

I needed to make some kind of treat for Hubby.  He packs something in a sweet form in his lunch every day and I’m the one that makes it.  I didn’t feel like heating up the house so tried to remember some type of no bake recipe and finally remembered this…Rice Chex Blueberry Dessert.

I’ve loved this recipe as its’ really easy and I typically have the ingredients on hand.  I follow the recipe for the most part but there are a couple variations…First one…I used generic cereal.

The recipe simply says nuts..I used pecans this time.

There is a lot of the mix.  Some is to be saved for the top.  Unlike most recipes, the crust is not baked.

I had a little helper on this day….see?

I had to move quickly as this guy has no self control.  In his fingers went even though I said, “Don’t touch it”.

For the cream cheese layer I double the ingredients:  Cream Cheese-2 …then 1 1/2 cups brown sugar and 2 small cool whips.  It isn’t necessary but I like to make a thicker dish.  I stick with one can of blueberries.

Here it is all ready to be refrigerated.

…and here’s this guy all ready for a face wash!

The dessert is very good…and the best part…no heating up the kitchen!

9 thoughts on “Rice Chex Blueberry Dessert”

  1. Thanks so much for the recipe–really looks yummy. Jo, I just wanted you to know how very much I enjoy your blog. I generally read everything you post daily and yours is one of the only blogs that I do read daily. Thank you for all of the hints, patterns and the sharing.

  2. This recipe looks good! it is a change from chocolate things I usually make and I really like the fact that it is a no-bake dessert. Thank you so much for the recipe. Your little grandson is SO cute! Blessings to you and all your family.

  3. Fareway….that name brings back memories. These look easy and I like the idea of no oven, thanks for the share. Carver is a handsome fella

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