Rib Eye Sandwiches

I have noticed lately that I really cook so much differently than I did when our kids were all living at home.  Back then it was hot dishes and lots of them.  Now days we rarely eat a hot dish.  I think our tastes have changed and now that there are just two of us, we have more money and aren’t stretching the food to feed everyone.  Regardless…I love the now style of cooking.

About a month ago I went and grabbed a pack of meat out of the freezer thinking it was steak.  I read the top of the package, it said, “Ribeye Steak” I didn’t think anything of it until I opened the package.  There were very thinly cut slices of steak inside.  UGH.  I looked at the wrapper again and it had “Sandwich” stamped on it too.  Well I wrapped the pack back up and made something else for supper and tried to think of what I would do the following night for supper to use up those “sandwich steaks”.

To some you might be thinking why don’t I know what the meat in my own freezer is…well…Hubby’s boss gives us a lot of meat.  I don’t question it at all.  We are so thankful for what we get and are very happy to get it…we don’t care what cut of meat we are getting we’re just thankful to get it.

Well after thinking I saw we had buns that needed to get used up too so I decided a Philly steak sandwich of sorts would have to do…..


WOW-sa…it was wonderful!!

I warmed some cream cheese in the microwave while steaks, onions and peppers were on the griddle cooking.  I put the buns on the griddle to warm too.  Once the buns were toasted I pulled them off and slathered them in cream cheese…then the steak, onions and peppers went on with cheese…

Oh my…Hubby said do that again!  We both loved them and if there is another package of this cut of meat in the freezer we’ll be having them again for sure.   If there isn’t…I am going to have Hubby ask his boss to have some cut this way again. We loved it!  Honestly of all the hot sandwiches I have had, this one is right on top of the list!!

6 thoughts on “Rib Eye Sandwiches”

  1. why cream cheese? Is that just what you had on hand or… I ask because I have a recipe for steak sandwiches and I’ve been trying to find the perfect cheese to add. So far “perfect” is illusive!

  2. You can also partially thaw some meat and slice it really thin. Your sandwich looks yummy! We are also suddenly empty-nesters; I find it difficult to figure out what to make. And I want to eat healthier than my hubby.

  3. pam in illinois

    Oh my goodness! That sounds wonderful. I remember that Arby’s had a sandwich years ago called ‘the monty’ It had onions and cream cheese on it. Sooo good.
    I will have to try this version. pam

  4. Diana in RR,TX

    Being someone who grew up right outside of Philadelphia we had them in a long “hoagie” roll usually with mushrooms, peppers onions and it was either melted mozzarella or provolone cheese. the melted cream cheese sounds good though too. Your version sounds good

  5. I make the same meat , onion and pepper mix but I bake a couple potatoes or microwave them, then cut potatoes open put butter, sour cream, cheese and top with meat mixture. Very yummy.

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