What I’m working on with my Accuquilt’s Go! Cutter

Here’s what I’ve been working on….or my design wall Jo’s Country Junction style.
Friday afternoon, I had a “play date” planned with my girlfriend.  I got up early and started making another batch of salsa with my tomatoes.  I got the equipment up from the basement, and got everything chopped and ready.  The only thing I had left to take care of was the tomatoes.

My girlfriend and I went shopping to The Calico Hutch, an awesome quilt shop in Hayward, Minnesota where we splurged on their $1.25 fat quarters.  We didn’t get home until early evening and there to greet me at the door was…..

I was SO excited until I realized that I had to finish making salsa before I could touch it.

The salsa QUICKLY got in jars and I played while the jars processed.

At midnight, the last jars came out and I had had enough play time to come to an opinion about my Go!….I LOVE it.

Several years ago, my daughter Kalissa spotted this fabric covered trivet at an antique shop.  She thought it was so neat because it had metal beverage tops inside the “yo-yos”.  I ended up buying and always had it my mind that I wanted to make one.  It has been here and been here and I never got around to making one.

I opened up my Go! Cutter got the circle die and started to experiment.  I grabbed my sorted bucket of 3.5 inch scrap.  I layered some fabric pieces over the 3″ die section, put the cover piece on, rolled it through and Wa-La…3 inch circles!  It honestly took a minute or so and I had 6- 3″ circles.

I took needle and thread, turned over the edge of the circle a bit less than 1/4″ and ran a running stitch all the way around in the folded edge.

I put the beer top into the gathered circle and gathered up the thread.  Then I tied a knot in the thread.

Now the edges didn’t quite all come together so instead of clipping the thread, I caught the opposite side of the circle and pulled it tight.  Then I caught the two sides and pulled them in as well until it looked like this.

I tied it off and made a couple more.  Next step was to tack them together.

At that point, it was bed time.  I was SO excited that I had finally started on a project I had wanted to do for a LONG time.  This is Go!ing to be a great little take along project.

I am opting to make an eclectic version and not a patterned one like I had purchased.

The Go! was QUICK and VERY EASY.  So far, I have only used it for circles and hexagons.  I have been very pleased with the results of each.  For project that a quilter would normally not be able to cut with a rotary cutter, it is going to be a new best friend.  I didn’t get a strip cutter so I can’t tell you about that yet.  I did order a Robbing Peter to Pay Paul die and can’t wait to try it out.  I honestly think people are going to be sewing quilts with curved seams like never before.  The Go! takes the tedious cutting process away.  Keep checking back….Accuquilt will be giving me a Go! and three dies to give away sometime in the near future.

Saturday morning I cut out more circles using my Go! and within a few minutes I had more than enough circles cut out…in fact, I had so many cut out that I have enough to give away to one lucky blog reader.   I even found a little container to store it all in so that you will have a perfect little take along project.

If you want a good chuckle, you can check out a video of me making the trivet on Accuquilt’s Facebook page or on YouTube.

If you are interested in winning this little take along trivet project, just leave a comment here on this post.

You will get 40 beer tops along with 40 Civil War fabric 3″ cut circles and the container.   I was so busy cutting and didn’t count…so lucky you…I will have FOUR  little kits to give away.   I will leave the giveaway open until Thursday morning…and that my friend is what I have been busy working on.

If you are looking for an Go! giveaway, head on over to A Quilting Life…Sherri is giving one away.


1 Karmen Sunshine { 08.30.10 at 11:36 am }

Genius! Mystery solved. You have THAT many beer tops around? I want to party at your place! Karmen (and I would love to win your giveaway!)

2 Jo { 08.30.10 at 12:04 pm }

Hey Karmen…
The beer tops come from my college daughter who is putting herself through college by doing a little bit of bar tending. If you go to your local pub, they’ll probably save them for you. In his younger days, I’m sure my hubby could have kept me in business!

3 kaholly { 08.30.10 at 11:41 am }

How utterly clever!!! You are amazing. ~karen

4 Judy D { 08.30.10 at 11:44 am }

How fun is this! I haven’t seen one of these in years and years!
Good job getting that salsa finished before using your new tool. I was going to say playing with your new toy but for me the GO! would be a quilting tool. 🙂

5 Happy Room Diana { 08.30.10 at 12:11 pm }

Wow I have never seen anything like this… it is brilliant. I would love a Go but they are out of my price range right now. Thanks for the ideas off to read more of your blog..

6 Brenda { 08.30.10 at 12:55 pm }

Sounds like a fun project. I would love to win one. Looks like you are having fun with your GO.

7 Lola { 08.30.10 at 1:07 pm }

Love your trivet idea and I would love to start a new take along project. I always have at least 2 takealongs to choose from!

8 Chartreuse Moose { 08.30.10 at 1:33 pm }

I’m always amazed at those little yo-yo’s! Inherited an entire quilt of them…but have never seen a trivit with bottle caps! How clever someone was! Gosh, those “GO’s” are looking like fun!

9 Mary { 08.30.10 at 2:14 pm }

The trivet is wonderful – I love it. I think I’ll be making one whether I win or not – but a kit – fun, fun, fun! As for the Go! Cutter, I haven’t been convinced yet, but cutting circles and curved shapes – ya ya I’m seeing it.

10 Charlene S { 08.30.10 at 3:46 pm }

Now I know what to do with bottle caps and Go circles. I love making yo-yos so this project is perfect. Quick easy Christmas presents. MMMM and it uses scraps too if you don’t have a Go.

11 Kathy { 08.30.10 at 4:56 pm }

Oh my, I would love to win one of those little kits!! Congrats on the new Go!!

12 swooze { 08.30.10 at 5:12 pm }

I am game. Looks fun!

13 Lisa M. { 08.30.10 at 6:40 pm }

Hi, I just found you…what a cute blog and what a fun project! I think I remember my grandmother having a trivit like this. I’d love to win one of your kits and I will be following …. have a great day 🙂

14 Patricia { 08.31.10 at 3:06 am }

Love the little trivet. Neat idea for using the GO!

15 Donna { 08.31.10 at 12:22 pm }

I have been looking for a new pattern for yo-yos. They are so easy to make – I make them in the car as we travel to see family. Now if I can just persuade people to save the bottle tops! 🙂

16 Using My Head to Save My Feet — Jo's Country Junction { 08.31.10 at 12:51 pm }

[…] And I need to cut out circles for my trivet and GIVEAWAY […]

17 Anne { 08.31.10 at 2:27 pm }

Small, portable, pre-cut, repro fabrics – what’s not to love! Great idea…

18 Janet { 08.31.10 at 6:03 pm }

Oh, I’d love to win your little kit! I never thought to use bottle tops for yo-yo’s … clever!

Thanks for the opportunity!

19 debbie siltala { 08.31.10 at 9:24 pm }

I would love to win one of your kits. It looks like it would be a fun project to take in the car when I have to GO somewhere

20 Christine { 09.01.10 at 2:21 am }



please add me to the draw

it’s a great idea to add bottlecaps to the yo-yo’s, will keep the heat off the table or bench

21 Sue { 09.01.10 at 3:51 am }

Wow! What a cool idea – I love it ! And I’d love to win your kit so I can make it! (I’ve got the Go just need the caps!)

22 The year in Schnibbles… — Jo's Country Junction { 09.01.10 at 12:05 pm }

[…] Oh…I have a little giveaway going on too! […]

23 LouAnn { 09.01.10 at 1:31 pm }

Those kits are great! I want one!!!! thanks for the chance to win!

24 Shirley { 09.02.10 at 1:49 pm }

I’ve made thousands of yo-yo’s in my quilting life. This is a clever new use for those circles and a great take-along!

25 janice { 09.02.10 at 4:17 pm }

Thanks for sharing the bottle cap secret……

26 A new project and Giveaway Winners — Jo's Country Junction { 09.02.10 at 5:36 pm }

[…] Now…onto our winners of the trivet kits: […]

27 Andrea Waters { 09.03.10 at 2:57 pm }

Looks like fun. Just started doing stuff like this and would love a kit.

28 Lillian VanderKuur { 09.04.10 at 3:16 pm }

These are so cute! I would love to win one of your kits. Thanks for having this drawing.

29 Joyce { 09.07.10 at 2:08 am }

How cute and that will be darling with CW fabrics! Count me in! 🙂

30 Melinda { 09.07.10 at 12:09 pm }

I have an old trivet made from bottle caps and crochet that I got at an auction years ago. It is made to look like a bunch of grapes. I love it. This would be a fun project – put my name in please.

31 Noreen { 10.06.10 at 6:18 am }

that looks like so much fun

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