Review of Quilting Goals for 2019

I went through the archives from last year and found my quilting goals for the year 2019….  Boy, did I miss on what I wanted to get done.  Granted I didn’t sew much last year.  I’m looking at it as an okay thing though.  I guess it makes this year’s list of goals a little bit easier to compile as I’m going to use many of the same projects.

1-Make a baby quilt for Kalissa’s baby.
I did this…I made Gannon’s baby quilt.  Read about it HERE.

2-Make Georgia’s baby quilt.  At the time I thought I might do something from this book….

Image result for lori holt farm
That plan changed when Kelli asked for a crumb quilt like Gannon’s.  I made this…Read about it HERE.

3-My goal was to finish our block of the month quilts.  Both are tops.

Backings got made and that’s as far as we got.  Progress and that’s good.

4-My goal was to get caught up on machine quilting.  I didn’t.   I do have backings for most of them though and sometimes, that’s half the battle.

My main goal was really to not leave any quilts in the upcoming year and I did pretty good so I’m taking that as great progress.  I’ve quilted almost everything as it became a top this year.

5-I want to start the black and white striped recycled shirt quilt that I’ve been collecting shirts for.  The quilt is in this book…(catch the blog post here if you missed it)

This is the quilt….

This is on my list for next year.

6-  Another quilt I wanted to make Bonnie Hunter’s Oregon or Bust quilt.  I want mine in blues and oranges….just like the one below.  This is Mary’s from Country Threads.

This is on my list for this year.

7-I wanted to completely finish Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery quilt right away–
I did….  Read about that here.

my Hunter’s Star quilt too.  I did….  Read about that HERE.

8-I needed to finish up the Double Wedding Ring quilt.  Tutorial pages for that here.  It is a top.  I have a backing selected.

9-Keep at the sewing room and don’t let it get out of hand!!  Hmm…the sewing room isn’t too bad.  My shirts currently being worked on actively but I wouldn’t call them “under control” yet.

10-Stay on my fabric diet.  As before thrifted or auction fabric is all “legal”.  I did great with that until November hit.  It’s been all downhill since then.  I’ll go back on now.  I do feel the purchases I made were justified though.

Here’s a side note:

In last year’s post I did a silly Facebook thing that said the first three words you saw in a puzzle were your words for the year.  I saw were LOVE, YOUTH and HEALTH.
Hmmm.  This is what I wrote regarding that,
Love-yep I predict lots of that
Youth-well I’m surrounded by kids all day
Health-hmmm.  Does that mean good health or health problems.  I guess I’ll tell you more a year from now!

For a silly Facebook thing, it was spot on.
Love-I have felt more loved this year than ever in my life.  Everyone was so kind and generous to our entire family as we dealt with Kramer’s cancer and death.  Thank you so much.

Youth-It’s been my grandkids and childcare kids who saved me this year.  Knowing that they need me gets me up in the morning.  It’s the biggest blessing to have my job.

Health-Well, I’ve learned how precious having your health can be from both a caregiver and and a patient side of things.  I never dreamed when I wrote that, what the year had in store for me.  I’ll never take health for granted again.

As for all of this year’s goals.  Stop back and I’ll give a complete updated list.


4 thoughts on “Review of Quilting Goals for 2019”

  1. I’d say you did a great job keeping your goals especially considering all you were dealing with last year. Most of your goals you either accomplished or made progress.

    Wishing you a new year filled with love, happiness, good health, and laughter. And quilting, too, of course!

  2. I bought this also but want to do the cover quilt-just appeals to me. Read it under the dryer at the salon today!

  3. You are my hero, Jo! I am amazed & so admire will all that happened what you accomplished this year. I love seeing pics of the quilts you make! I am so impressed that when you use a quilt design or pattern you add little touches/changes that make your quilt unique!

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