Revamping the Upstairs

Ever since we bought the house in town, I’ve kind of let my cleaning and organizing slip away…especially in the upstairs of this house.  It’s been nasty.

Today was the day to tackle it!  Clean sheets on all the beds…even Ruby’s bed.  I organized the room with my quilting machine…I even tackled this closet.


This is where I store all the sheets I use for backing charity quilts, the supplies for the quilting machine and the suitcases and totes I have for when I am out and about teaching early childhood education classes.  It hasn’t been touched for over 6 months when Kalissa moved out and frankly, that is way to long!!

I know when we move to the new house that our closet is smaller.  Looking at my bedroom closet had me realizing that so while I was in the cleaning mood, the bagged up about 1/2 of my clothes and I’m getting rid of them…honestly, when I work from home I really don’t need that many dress clothes and it was to the point that they were weighing me down.  I tidied up some other knocks and corners making me feel so much better about everything.  I didn’t vacuum or dust, just got the organization done which will make it so much easier to do the vacuuming and dusting.

To top it off, I even tackled Hubby’s pile of jeans that needed patching…4 pair!!!!

…and even after that, I am still in a good mood.  I love organizing and sorting when I am in the right mood.  Sadly the right mood doesn’t come along very often…I am sure glad the mood hit me today!!

4 thoughts on “Revamping the Upstairs”

  1. it must be contagious, I was in that kind of mood today too, except I didn’t get to mending hubby’s jeans. They are still sitting here waiting.

  2. I was in the “cleaning” mood today, but resisted. I spent time in the studio fixing the lining of sleeves in my husband’s jacket. The lining is too long and rolls beyond the end of the sleeves. I would have rather been cleaning.

  3. I got to clean out and defrost one of the freezers yesterday…3.5 hours with my future DIL right there helping me! And she is coming back tomorrow and we will tackle one of the freezers in the basement…and she’s coming back next week to spend 2 mornings with me to finish all the freezers :) Gotta love help that is actually help as well as fun to be with. Amazing how good doing this kind of organization/clean up makes you feel so good!

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