Reusable Re-purposed Produce Sack

When I was preparing food for our Thanksgiving meal I was eying the potato bag.  It was a brand I don’t normally purchased.  The more potatoes I peeled the closer I looked, and the closer I looked the more my idea came into play.  I knew I wanted to reuse the bag, but I didn’t like the big label across it.  Here’s what I came up with.


It’s a bag with a cute 30’s reproduction fabric sewn around to cover up the label.  I know I’ll be taking these into the grocery store along with my reusable bags the next time I’m going to the grocery store.  Here’s some simple instructions to show you how to make one.

Here’s a picture of an original and a completed bag.


Measure the label around the sack.  Mine was 4 x 22.  I added a half inch to both measurements making it 4.5″ x 22.5″.  I ironed a quarter inch over on three sides of the sides.


Pin the piece over the label and sew it along the top.


Sew along the bottom.   Position the folded edge over the fabric.


When you get to the edge.  Pivot and sew the seam down.


Clip the thread and WA-LA…You have a reusable, re-purposed produce sack.  Not all potato sacks will work for this so chose your potatoes carefully….

This was simple and easy, a great quick gift idea if you have an eco-friendly person on your gift list.

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