One half of our garage is a wild mess of antiques, projects and stuff for the new house.  Although Hubby cleaned it this weekend, it still takes some effort to wind through it all.  Last night I decided enough is enough.  This Iowa weather isn’t getting any better…in fact, we’re in a blizzard warning today expecting 6-10″ of snow.

I keep telling and telling myself that the weather is going to break and I’ll start walking again but it hasn’t happened and honestly, I can’t wait any longer especially when I have a treadmill in the garage.  It is obviously buried deep-see it??  I asked Hubby and he assured me that with 15 minutes of moving and manipulating, I’d be able to get to the tread mill.


It honestly did take about 10 minutes to re-position everything and unfold the treadmill.


It’s been a long time since I’ve really used it.  I hate walking on it…I love walking outside but even that, I had let go to the wayside.  I do know I feel better if I exercise…I do know that I feel better if I weigh a little less so…it’s time for me to be reunited with my tread mill.

It’s unfolded and ready to go…..

See what I mean about the one side of the garage….a crazy mess!!   If you look closely you’ll see the treadmill and that’s where I am going to be at 7:30 this morning…


and hopefully about five mornings a week.  I’m not looking to set any speed records-just a 1/2 hour each time at least until the weather improves and I can walk with Ruby outside.

You know…I think I might need a new pair of walking shoes.  If I remember right my old pair had lost the padding at the back of my ankle but I’m not going to let that stop me.  I’ll walk with the old ones until I can get a new pair ordered.

It reminds me of the old song Reunited by Peaches and Herb.

I wish I could be excited as they are about being reunited.

5 thoughts on “Reunited”

  1. Good for you! I cannot walk outside where we live because I’m such a chicken. I just invested in a rreadclimber…omg! Its quite a workout, still lucky to get 10 minutes on it after a month. My high school son is using it for off season training. I agree…you do feel better with some daily exercise.. but just trying to find the time!

  2. I can’t walk on a treadmill because it is too soft. I have one leg considerably longer than the other and soft surfaces (treadmills, shoes etc) make my hip just ache. Give me a hard surface. Now, it just needs to not only warm up, but have the wind stop blowing before I can walk outside. We have had 60-80 mph gusts today.

  3. As you walk on the treadmill you will be looking at all your new treasures, and thinking of how they will look eventually, and where you will be putting them. Almost as good as a movie…

  4. Good for you Jo. Getting back on that exercise train is hard. I have a question for you though. A while ago you posted about ordering a Fitbit exercise tracker. I am wondering if you received it and if it has helped to keep you moving? I see Bonnie Hunter posted about one too. Wondering if this devise will really help me to stay motivated and which model you purchased. Appreciate any help you can give.

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